I usually have lunch at half past one, but yesterday I went to the office without breakfast (I only had a cup of tea) and by twelve o’clock I was already hungry. I don’t like to have lunch alone, so I said to Nick: “Let’s have lunch together”. “All right,” he answered, “I’ll join you in a few minutes”.

When we went to the canteen, there weren’t many people there. We got checks for lunch, sat down at the table near the window, and called the waitress. She brought knives, forks, spoons and plates and took our checks.

“Will you have any soup today?” I asked Nick.

“No. I’m not very hungry,” he said. “But I’ll have some mineral water, salad, meat and potatoes, and ice-cream for the sweet.”

We talked a little, when lunch was over. At twenty five to one we went back to the office. We had a little time before work to read the newspaper. We began work again half an hour later.


Обратите внимание на следующие сокращения:

adj = adjective – прилагательное

adv= adverb – наречие

n = noun – существительное

C= countable – исчисляемое (существительное)

U = uncountable- неисчисляемое (существительное)

Prep = предлог

v = verb – глагол

Smth = something – что-либо

Smb = somebody – кто-либо.


Слова и выражения:

without ( prеp) - без

already (adv) - уже

alone (adj) - один

together(adv ) - вместе

join smb(v) присоединиться к кому-либо

canteen (n, С) - столовая

waitress (n, С) - официантка

knives, forks, spoons and plates – ножи, вилки, ложки и тарелки

again (adv) – снова, опять

II. Ответьте на следующие вопросы.

1. When does the man usually have lunch?

2. Does he like to have lunch alone?

3. Were there many people in the canteen?

4. Where did the men sit down?

5. What did the waitress bring?

6. What dishes did Nick order?

7. When did the men go back to the office?

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