The English have a bad reputation food. Although they produce meat and dairy products, — that is milk, cheese, eggs- of good quality, as well as their own fruit and vegetables, foreigners often complain that English cooking is unimaginative.

Before Britain became an industrial country some two centuries ago, more people lived in the country and produced the food they ate. There was also more time for cooking. But when people moved to the cities and worked long hours in factories, things changed. Fresh food was not easily available and there was not so much time to prepare meals. Many of the traditional recipes were lost. This process happened very quickly in Britain because it was one from the earliest countries to become industrialized, and people living in the cities lost contact with the country within a short time.

However, immigrants from India and Bangladesh, from Hong Kong, Italy, Cyprus and Turkey have opened restaurants where they serve the food of their country of origin. More and more foreign restaurants have opened over the past twenty years. You will find an Indian or Chinese restaurant in almost any town in the country. Curries and spaghetti dishes have become so popular that the British often cook them at home, so supermarkets and delicatessens sell all the necessary ingredients.


Слова и выражения:


eating (n,U) - питание

although (adv) — хотя

dairy product (n,C) – молочный продукт

quality (n,U) - качество

foreigner (n,C) - иностранец

complain (v) - жаловаться

unimaginative (adj) – лишенный воображения

century (n,C) -век

produce (v) - производить

move (v) - переезжать

factory (n,C) -фабрика

available (adj) – имеющийся в наличие

recipe(n,C) - рецепт

happen (v) – случаться, происходить

serve (v) - обслуживать

dish (n,C) - блюдо

necessary (adj) - необходимый


II. Ответьте на следующие вопросы.


1. Do the English produce meat and dairy products of good quality?

2. What are dairy products?

3. Why do foreigners often complain?

4. When did Britain become an industrial country?

5. Where did more people live in the past?

6. Were many of the traditional recipes lost?

7. What did people living in the cities lose?

8. Immigrants from what countries have opened restaurants in Britain?

9. What dishes have become very popular?

10. What do supermarkets and delicatessens sell?



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