VIII. Напишите во множественном числе и переведите:

This scientist works in the field of physics.

An atom is a very, very small particle of matter.

A car speed along the wide street.

In that case an incandescent object radiates a continuous range of frequencies.


IX. Составьте предложения, переведите, затем прочтите вслух:

two, are, of, kinds, there, changes, and, physical, chemical.

physical. thousands, place, of, nature, changes, take, in.

physical, do, charge, transformations, of, not, composition, the, substances.


X. Объясните употребление some, any, no и переведите:

Some of the materials found in the crust of the earth are very important.

Some substances may exist as crystals of different forms.

No part of the earth is more necessary to life than our atmosphere.

No two substances expand alike.

Three forces cannot be in balance if the sum of any two is less than the third or if the difference between any two is greater than the third.

Not long ago iron and steel were the only materials used in the construction of any machine.


XI. Переведите на русский язык:

Take a handful of air, and you will hold billions of atoms. Now let us look at your handful of atoms. You can't see an individual atom, for every atom is very small. Suppose that you take a look at just one of the atoms you hold in your hand. What will you see?


XII. Назовите время сказуемых и укажите функции глагола to have. Затем переведите на русский


The cyclotron has been of great help to the development of human knowledge in the field of nuclear physics.

In the cyclotron particles of energy up to a billion electron volts and store have been achieved.

Beta particles have a smaller mass than alpha particles.

Many scientists had to leave tsarist Russia because they were given to help by the government.

In 1761 M.V. Lomonosov. with the aid of telescope, discovered a luminous rim around Venus.

He explained that this phenomenon had been causes by the existence of an atmosphere around Venus.

Observations showed that the luminous rim was really the planet's atmosphere lit up by the sun.

It was observed in 1882 and will not be seen again until 2004.


XIII. Найдите подлежащее и сказуемые и переведите, обращая внимание на ing-формы.

Укажите, где это причастие активное, а где герундий. В случае причастия, является ли оно

определением или обстоятельством (пользуйтесь алгоритмом для ing-форм):

While burning different substance combine with oxygen.

Raising the temperature we increase the agitation of the molecules.

The strength of the magnet increases with the number of amperes flowing.

The electric current, consisting of a stream of electrons, can be driven through the conductor.

Two methods of reproducing sound in motion pictures have been found.

A falling barometer usually means descending (to descend — спускаться) air current, little cloud, and no rain, that is fair weather.

The material showed the property of attracting small objects after it had been rubbed.

The commonest cause of cloud formation is he cooling of ascending (to ascend — подниматься) air.

In describing magnetic fields, two vector quantities B and H are commonly used.


XIV. В сложных предложениях определите тип придаточных и переведите:

The metal objects is extended when it is heated.

The last century was spoken of as the age of steam, for due to steam the whole course of manufacture was transformed.

But in those days it was possible to use power only close to the spot (близко к тому месту) where it was generated.

Now power is transmitted to a great distance with very little loss (потеря) if it is carried by an electric current.

The amount of performed work is determined by two factors: the applied force and the distance through which the force acts.

Falling water has a store (запас) of energy, for as it is flowing down it can be used to drive the water-wheels of turbines.

When both bismuth and nickel are heated the best result is obtained.


XV. Переведите на русский язык. Затем замените подчеркнутые слова придаточными

определительными предложениями и снова переведите:

Our plant has the territory occupying several square miles.

A rectangle (прямоугольник) is a parallelogram having right angles.

The boiling water is changing into steam.

The construction of new plants is being provided with electricity from heat power stations, located in many parts of the country.

The valuable property of radiation possessed by the «radioactive isotopes» may be used for various purposes.


XVI. Образуйте сложные предложения из двух простых:

The best season of the Antarctic year is summer. In summer the temperature rises several degrees above 0oC.

The nuclear (ядерный) fuel is obtained from uranium and thorium. The resources of uranium and thorium can provide for the world's power needs (нужды) for hundreds of centuries.


Many foreign scientists have already visited Dubna. Dubna's doors are open to all wishing to

take part in the work of the Institute.


XVII. Проанализируйте предложения. Укажите, какой частью речи является слово that

(указательное местоимение или же союз) и как его следует перевести (тот, который,

что, то что). Затем переведите предложения:

Our town that was set up on the ruins has the heroic past.

At that point the line drops to zero.

They say that the report will be followed by a discussion.

That the liquid state is the normal state for water, is a well-known fact.

An important characteristic of radiation is that it can take place in vacuum.

The shop that is being built in that region will be equipped with modern machines.

– What part of speech is this «that»? – I think that this «that» is a conjunction but that «that» that that man used is a pronoun.



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