Лекция: Complimenting People on Clothes

It is better not to ask the price of someone's clothes unless you know the person very well.

A. What a nice cardigan!

В. Does it look all right?

A. Yes, and it matches your scarf perfectly.

В. I got it for £28.50 in a sale.1

A. It's incredible.


1a sale: when goods are sold cheaply in the shops often in spring and autumn.



– I like your new rain­coat.

– Is it a good fit?

– Yes, it looks fabulous.

– It only cost me £29.

– Well, that was very good value.



– You're looking very smart in that new jacket.

– Does it suit me?

– Yes, and I like the color, too.

– You know I only paid £27.75 for it.



– That's a very nice blazer you're wearing.

– Do you really like it?

– Yes, and it goes well with your new pullover, too.

– You'll never believe it, but it only cost £29.50.

– Very reasonable indeed.



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