Лекция: Complete the sentences with correct words from the dialogue

1) At 18, Ravi decided to stay in full-time ________ and went to Mumbai University.

2) Ravi _______ three years later with a degree in philosophy and politics.

3) He taught for a while, but didn’t like it. He decided to _______ as an accountant at evening classes.

4) He qualified _______ an accountant and joined a big accountancy firm in its Mumbai office.

5) When he started, he needed to develop other skills, which would come through__________.

6) He received _________ training to help him develop these skills.

2. a) Read the definition of the word «skill» and the examples

A skill is the ability to do something well, especially because you have learned how to do it and practised it.



Jobs, and the people who do them, can be described as:

highly skilled skilled semi-skilled unskilled
car designer car production manager taxi driver car cleaner  


b) Define the type of the following jobs:


labourer (someone doing basic work on a building site)

office cleaner

brain surgeon

car worker on a production line

bus driver

airline pilot

office manager

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