Лекция: Упр. 365. Переведите на английский язык, употребляя требующуюся форму причастия.

1. Играя в саду, дети не заметили, что стало темно. 2. Подойдя к двери, он открыл ее. 3. Том подошел к смеющейся девочке. 4. Он положил на стол смятое письмо. 5. Плачущая девочка была голодна. 6. Бабушка смотрела на детей, играю­щих во дворе. 7. Она любит смотреть на играю щих детей. 8. Сделав уроки, дети пошли гулять. 9. Лежа на диване, он читал книгу. 10. Принеся свои игрушки в комнату, ребенок начал играть. 11. Прочитав много книг Диккенса, он хорошо знал этого писателя. 12. Мальчик, бегущий мимо дома, вдруг остановился. 13. Будучи очень за­нят, он не сразу услышал меня. 14. Услышав шаги, он поднял голову. 15. Выпив чашку чая, она почувствовала себя лучше.

Независимый причастный оборот (Nominative Absolute Participial Construction)

The day being pierсing cold, he had no не desire to loiter.

Упр. 366. Переведите на русский язык, об­ращая внимание на независимый причастный оборот.

1. The next morning, it being Sunday, they all went to church. 2. For the moment the shop was empty, the mechanic having disappeared into a room at the back. 3. There being nothing else on the ta­ble, Oliver replied that he wasn't hungry. 4. Mrs. Maylie being tired, they returned more slowly home. 5. Their search revealing nothing, Clyde and she> walked to a corner. 6. The wind being favourable, our yacht will reach the island in no time. 7. I had long tasks every day to do with Mr. Mell, but I did them, there being no Mr. and Miss Murdstone here. 8. It being now pretty late, we took our candles and went upstairs. 9. He being no more heard of, it was natural to forget everything. 10. He started about five, Riggs having informed him that the way would take him three hours. 11. Our horses being weary, it was agreed that we should come to a halt. 12. It having been decided that they should not go out on account of the weather, the members of the party were busy writing their notes. 13. The wind stirring among trees and bushes, we could hear nothing. 14. You can set your mind at ease, all being well. 15. There being no chance of escape, the thief was arrested on the spot. 16. Oliver knocked weakly at the door and, all his strength failing him, sank near the door. 17. The bridge having been swept away by the flood, the train was late. 18. There being little time left, they hired a cab to get to the theatre in time. 19. It being cold and damp, a fire was lighted for the weary travellers to warm themselves by. 20. It being pretty late, they decided to postpone their visit. 21. The hour being late, she hastened home. 22. The sun having set an hour before, it was getting darker. 23. The weather being cold, he put on his overcoat. 24. The weather having changed, we decided to stay where we were. 25. The weather being very warm, the closet window was left open. 26. And the wind having dropped, they set out to walk. 27. The vessel being pretty deep in the water and the weather being calm there was but little motion. 28. The resistance being very high, the cur­rent in the circuit was very low. 29. This material being a dielectric, no current can flow through it.

His story told, he leaned back and sighed.

Когда его история была рассказана, он откинул­ся назад и вздохнул.

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