Лекция: Употребление или отсутствие синтаксических единиц




Theysuggested that heshould apply for Theysuggested that heapply for the job.

the job.

Theysuggested that heapplied for the job.


I demanded that he should apologise. I demanded that he apologize.

He ordered the money to be withdrawn Не ordered the moneywith­drawn from

from the bank. the bank.


I'll go and have a bath. I'll go take a bath.


Come and see what I've bought. Come see what I bought.


She resigned on Thursday. She resigned Thursday.


I'll be here in December. I'll be hereDecember.


in hospital in the hospital

at university at the university

in future (впредь) in the future

the 11th of July или July the 11th July 11th


Различия в употреблении предлогов


Monday to Friday или Monday to Monday through Friday

Friday inclusive

play in a teamplay on a team

out of the door (window) out the door (window)

to enrol on a course to enroll in a course

in the street on the street

at weekends on weekends

be oriented to be oriented at

feel in a form fill out a form

work at a project work on aproject

till until

ten to nine (8:50) ten of nine (8:50)

a quarterpast eight (8:15) a quarterafter eight (8:15)

to talkto (но a talkwith)to talk with (также a talkwith)

be named after be named after/for

call/ring on a telephone number call at a telephone number

rain off rain out



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