Лекция: Read the post from a business blog. Pay attention to the words and phrases in bold

Good etiquette on the telephone can make or break your relationships with a client. Courtesy should start with the person who answers the telephone. Always begin by identifying yourself. Say something like, «Hallo, this is...» Give the person as much information as you can. Tell them the name of your company, "I'm calling from..."

Ask for the person you wish to speak with by name, using phrases like, "Could I speak to...?" or "May I speak to...?" Or ask, "Is… available?"

At some companies, with busy switchboards, it is better to simply ask, "Can you connect me to extension..."

Remember, ending the call on a polite note is important too. Say something like, "Nice speaking to you," or "Thank you for your time." Follow up with "I will call you back on..." and remember to do it.

2. Read the paraphrase of the article. Complete the sentences with the correct words: by name, connected, telephone, extension, courtesy

It is important for businesspeople to have good 1______ etiquette. 2_____ should be used whenever speaking to anyone on the phone. Callers should identify themselves and then ask to speak to someone 3______. They can also ask to be 4_______ to a(n) 5_______. a good way to end a call is to thank the person they're speaking to for his or her time.


3. Which phrases from the post in ex.1 have the same meaning as the underlined parts?

1) Hello, my name is Robert and I work for Bronson industries.

2) I would like to talk to the director of the sales department.

3) Please expect a call from me on Thursday.

4) It is important to behave with politeness on the telephone.

5) Will you direct my phone call to Number 443?

4. Read and complete the dialogue with the correct words: advert, address, department, hold on, form, details, speak. Act out the dialogue

— Good morning, VTS. Which ____ please?

— I’d like to ____ to Corina Molenaar in Human Resources, please.

— Thank you, ____. I’ll put you through.


— Hallo, Human Resources.

— Hallo. Is that Corina Molenaar?

— Speaking.

— I’m phoning about your ___ in “Careers Now”. Could you send me an application ___, please?

— Certainly. Can I take some ___? Could you give me your name and address, please?

— Sure. It’s Sophie Boiteaud, which is B-O-I-T-E-A-U-D. And my _____ is…


5. Which phrases from the dialogue have the same meaning?

1) Can I talk to…?

2) Just a moment…

3) I’ll connect you.

4) Am I speaking to Corina Molenaar?

5) Yes. It’s me.

6) The reason I’m calling is …

7) Can I have your name and address?


6. Read and complete the dialogue with the correct words and phrases:

I'm afraid this is she can call me back could I speak could you tell her can I take

A: Hello.(1) __________to Giovanna, please?

B: (2) ________ she's not here at the moment. (3) __________ a message?

A: Yes, please. (4) _______ Johan from Intec. (5) ________ I won'tbe able to make the training course on Saturday? (6) ______ if there's a problem. I'm on 11 0191 498 0051.

B: OK. Thank you. Bye

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