Лекция: Student A

You are Martin. You want to:

1) sell Chen some deluxe four-seater models of your cars.Price: €20,000; discount of 5% for first order.

2) offer only two colours for your two-seater cars: white and black. Extra colours will raise the price by 5%.

3) send a Pulse mechanic to China every six months to service the cars.You can train local mechanics at a cost of€200 per hour.



Student B

You are Chen. You want:

1) to buy an additional five deluxe four-seater cars. Negotiate on the price. Try to get a10% discount on the order;

2) four colours for the two-seater cars: black, white, red and blue;

3) after-sales service: visits every three months from a Pulse mechanic; a training coursefor a local car-repair firm.




Business Letters


Read the rules of writing business letters and then study the example of a business letter


When you know the name of the recipient: Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss von Trotta

Note: In AmE, Mr., Mrs. andMs. include a full stop,e.g. Mr. von Trotta.

When you don't know the name of the recipient: Dear Sir or Madam

Main point

It is a good idea to put the main point at the beginning of the letter. People read the first paragraph carefully, but not always everything else. Use the pronoun we when writing for your company.This is more formal than I.

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