Лекция: Упражнение 178

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Continuous или в Present Simple.

1. I (to sit) in the waiting room at the doctor's now. 2. I (not to work) in my office now. 3. Eric (to talk) about his holiday plans, but Kenny (not to lis­ten) to him. He (to think) about his new car at the moment. 4. My friend (to live) in St. Petersburg. 5. My cousin (not to live) in Moscow. 6. The chil­dren (not to sleep) now. 7. The children (to play) in the yard every day. 8. They (not to go) to the stadi­um on Monday. 9. She (to read) in the evening. 10. She (not to read) in the morning. 11.She (not to read) now. 12.1 (to write) a composition now. 13.1 (not to drink) milk now. 14. I (to go) for a walk after dinner. 15. I (not to go) to the theatre every Sun­day. 16. He (not to read) now. 17.He (to play) now. 18.He (to play) now? 19.My mother (to work) at a factory. 20. My aunt (not to work) at a shop. 21. You (to work) at an office? 22. Your father (to work) at this factory? 23. You (to play) chess now? 24. Look at the sky: the clouds (to move) slowly, the sun (to appear) from behind the clouds, it (to get) warmer. 25. How is your brother? — He is not well yet, but his health (to improve) day after day. 26. Listen! Who (to play) the piano in the next room? 27. Henry usually (to wear) glasses and now

he (to wear) sunglasses. 28. Who (to listen) to mu­sic on his personal" stereo over there right now?

Запомните глаголы, не употребляющиеся во вре­менах группы Continuous: to be, to know, to understand, to think, to recognize, to want, to like, to see, to hear, to feel, to have1. Эти глаголы надо употреблять в Present Simple, даже если действие совершается в момент речи.

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