Лекция: Exercise 1.10

Fill in each space in the text with a suitable word. Use some,any,no,everyor their compounds.


The school trip is the day after tomorrow, and I want to tell (1) … about a few things. I hope there isn’t (2) … who is always late and who can miss the bus. Last year (3) … students didn’t go on the trip because they arrived late. There is hardly (4) … space left on the bus, so remember to put your backpacks in the boot. (5) … can smoke on the bus. I recommend (6) … to put on light clothes. The fortress is (7) … in the south of the country. After we arrive, we’ll have a 20-minute walk, so wear (8) … comfortable on your feet. On the bus I don’t want to hear (9) … loud music. If you want to know (10) … about the fortress and its history, there will be (11) … at the entrance to show us around and answer (12) … questions. After that (13) … talking is possible during the museum tour. The town is small, so there is (14) … to have lunch for a large group of tourists. I advise (15) … to take (16) … home-made food so that (17) … feels hungry on the way home. Does (18) … have (19)… questions?



Part II

Much, many, a lot (of), few, a few, little, a little


Exercise 2.1

Fill in much or many.


1. There aren’t many shops in my village.

2. We didn’t buy … food.

3. Have we got … petrol?

4. There weren’t … people on the bus.

5. … students passed the exam easily.

6. I can’t go on holiday. I haven’t got so … money.

7. George didn’t visit his home town for … years.


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