Лекция: Semester. 1 am sure that he (have) no language problem in the other countries when he (get) there. Many people in those countries (under­stand) English or French.

Упражнение 2. Переведите предложения, учитывая правило согласования времен:

We knew that his family lived in Orel. 2. He said that the students of that group were studying in the library. 3. She thought that she might finish her work by two o'clock. 4.1 didn't think he could come there in time. 5. She said that her name was Lena. 6. The students were told that they had three lectures every day. 7. The dean said that he was busy. 8. We found that he had studied mathematics at the University. 9. The newspapers reported that the Trade Union Congress had finished its work. 10. Students were informed that they would have industrial training in the third year. 11. The weather-man reported over the radio that it would be cold on the following weekend. 12. The students were told at the lecture that dynamo had been invented at the«nd of the 19-th century.

Упражнение З. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в правильную форму согласно правилу согласования времен:

The engineer was told that he (may) test the device in the afternoon. 2. Itwas known that the head of our laboratory (to be) a graduate of Moscow University. 3. They thought that she(to graduate)from a technical institute. 4. Our professor informed us that he (to give) the following lecture on quantum mechanics on Monday. 5. At the meeting it was said that our lecturer (to work) at a new program of laboratory work. 6. The teacher told us that the term «engineering» (to have) many Russian equivalents. | 7. The chief engineer believed that we (to work) at that problem for a month the following summer.

Упражнение 4. Определите, чем выражено дополнение, переведите предложения:

The students of our group saw a new film yesterday. They said it was very interesting. 2. The dean's assistant told us to do all our work in time. 3. Our laboratory has been equipped with modern devices. 4. The students were informed at the meeting that they would have their practical training in Petersburg. 5. We asked the dean if he was busy. 6. The new student asked when our lectures would begin. 7. He also asked to show him where the chemistry laboratory was. 8. He wanted to know whether we had already had our industrial training. 9.1 did not know then if I should see him again. 10. We didn't know whether it would be possible to use a computer for our work.

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