Лекция: Раскройте скобки, употребив герундий или инфинитив.

1. David gave up (to smoke) two years ago and now he fells much better.

2. I don’t want (to play) the piano just now.

3. I had some problems with the translation and my brother offered (to help) me.

4. I enjoy (to help) my friends.

5. “The Titanic” is a very interesting film. It is worth (to see).

6. My mother promised (to cook) a lot of tasty things for my birthday.

7. She likes (to cook) for our family.

8. My uncle is fond of (to travel). He has been to many countries.

9. I would like (to have) a snack.

10. My friend denied (to see) me at the railway station.


Обратите внимание на глаголы, которые могут употребляться как с инфинитивом, так и с герундием, при этом меняя свое значение:

to forget to do smth — забыть сделать что-то

to forget doing smth — забыть о прошлом событии


to remember to do smth — помнить, что нужно это сделать

to remember doing smth — помнить о прошлом событии


to go on to do smth — закончить одно дело и начать делать другое

to go on doing smth — продолжать делать


to try to do smth — стараться изо всех сил

to try doing smth — попытаться, попробовать что-то сделать


to stop to do smth — остановиться временно

to stop doing smth — закончить полностью, прекратить


7.1.16 Раскройте скобки, употребив инфинитив или герундий.


1. Remember … (to go) to the bank. You’ve got to pay the bills.

2. I don’t remember … (to see) this film before.

3. She went on … (to talk) even after her friend had fallen asleep.

4. When he had written his first book he went on … (to write) another one.

5. I’ve been trying … (to start) this car for hours.

6. Why don’t you try … (to put) some petrol in the tank?

7. She forgot … (to invite) her best friend to the party.

8. I’ll never forget … (to see) snow for the first time.

9. The baby didn’t stop … (to cry) all night.

10. On the way home he stopped … (to buy) some chocolate sweets.

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