Лекция: Раздел 4.2.

4.2.1. Отработайте произношение слов, уточнив транскрипцию по словарю:

hot-buttered toast-house   animate v crisp a inflexible a enforce (the) laws w.c.   chop n steak n ham n compel v ale n stout n host adv vigilant a conceive v grumble v protract v wares n to the top of one’s bent w.c. disgust n exceed v bid (bid, bidden) v flourish v clap on v civility n дом, в котором готовятся на продажу подрумяненные ломтики хлеба с маслом вдохновлять, воодушевлять твёрдый, жёсткий негибкий, непреклонный насаждать законность, проводить законы в жизнь отбивная котлета бифштекс ветчина, окорок заставлять, принуждать эль, пиво крепкий портер множество бдительный, неусыпный понимать, представлять себе ворчать, жаловаться медлить, затягивать, тянуть продукты производства вволю, вдоволь отвращение, омерзение переходить границы, превышать приказывать, просить преуспевать, процветать бросить вежливость, корректность


4.2.2. Просмотрите данный текст и дайте ответ на вопрос: What was Tyson’s restaurant famous for?




The most famous hot-buttered toast-house' in the world was «Tyson's Restaurant» in Rook Street, Manchester, which still flourishes, but is no longer animated by the crisp individuality of its founder, old Tom Tyson, as he was known. So he established a restaurant wherein he, an inflexible tyrant, might enforce laws of his own making and win riches by this very enforcement.

He provided only chops, steaks, and Cumberland ham, and ser­ved with them, instead of vegetables, hot-buttered toast or bread. Most of his customers took toast. People who asked for potatoes were unceremoniously told that they should have brought their own. Everyone who ate at Tyson's was compelled also to drink. Ale, stout", coffee, and tea were the only liquids. A customer asking for water was referred to the «teetotal shop next door!»

A host of good stories are told of Tyson. He dominated the place in his shirt-sleeves, and nothing escaped his vigilant eye. His duty to a customer, as he conceived it, was done when good food had been laid promptly before him; after that the customer's duty to the master of the restaurant began.

Reading was not per­mitted, at least in the middle of the day, nor grumbling, nor a protracted sitting, nor smoking. Tyson's strength was the excel­lence of his wares, his cheapness, and his business-like dispatch, and knowing this he played the Kaiser to the top of his bent. A young man once calling, «Waiter, bring me a steak at once,» was amazed to find a raw steak clapped on the table before him. To his expression of disgust came the reply, «You can't expect meat to be cooked if you want it at once» A customer daring so much as to glance at a letter from his pocket was curtly informed that this is not a library". A customer who had exceeded his welcome was bidden to go. To the few who complained of incivility, Ty­son's reply was that he served his civility with his chops and steaks.


4.2.3.Прочитайте текст ещё раз и найдите в тексте ответы на следующие вопросы:


1. Who was the founder of the restaurant?

2. Why did the author consider old Tom Tyson as a tyrant?

3. What did he provide in his restaurant?

4. What was told to people who asked for potatoes?

5. What was everyone compelled to do?

6. What were the only liquids at Tyson’s?

7. Was the customer given water if he asked for?

8. How many good stories are told of Tyson?

9. Why did he dominate the place?

10.What was his duty to a customer?

11.What was not permitted in his restaurant?

12.What was Tyson’s strength?

13.What did the waiter bring to a customer asking to bring a steak at once?

14.Why was a customer bidden to go?

15.What did Tyson served with his chops and steaks?


4.2.4. На сколько логических частей можно разделить данный текст? Озаглавьте каждую часть.


4.2.5. Составьте план текста на русском языке.


4.2.6. Переведите составленный план на английский язык.


4.2.7. Напишите краткое изложение текста на английском языке.


4.2.8. Прочитайте данный диалог. Выучите его и разыграйте по ролям.


Russell: Aren’t you hungry?

Clarke: Oh, yes, I am. And I’m awfully thirsty.

R. Would you like a glass of orange juice?

C. Thanks. I’d love one. I like orange juice very much.

R. What shall we have? What does your diet allow you?

C. Well, a little meat or fish, eggs, perhaps some cheese or milk, a lot of vegetables: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, very few potatoes, a lot of fruit.

R. I bet your chief manager likes slim employees.

C. He does indeed. I have to be on a diet. I don’ live to eat but I eat to live.

R. I must confess I like good food, an occasional beer, cheerful people, theatres and lively music.

C. Have you ever tasted Mexican dishes?

R. No, I haven’t. I‘ve never been to Mexico.

C. What do you think of spicy food?

R. I avoid it. I prefer plain food, nothing fancy.

C. A cigarette?

R. No, thanks.

C. A drop of brandy?

R. I’m off alcohol.

C. Isn’t it boring sometimes to follow these strict rules?

R. They are not strict. If you’re in perfectly good health, you can enjoy life more and work better.

C. I agree with you. Health is the greatest wealth.


1. to bet –биться об заклад; 2. spicy food – острая пища; 3. plain food –простая пища; 4. strict rules – строгие правила; 5. to enjoy life more –получить больше удовольствия от жизни.


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