Лекция: II. The sentences given below contain synonyms. Write them out in groups and explain the difference where the words are familiar.

1. a) While Kitty chatted gaily with her neighbours she watched Walter, b) Ashenden knew that R. had not sent for him to talk about weather and crops, c) As he spoke he rose from the bed. d) He is said to be honest. e) He'll tell you all about himself, f) If you wish to converse with me define your terms. 2. a) She felt on a sudden a cold chill pass through her limbs and she shivered. b) Her lips trembled so that she could hardly frame the words, c) I was shaking like a leaf when I came here. d) He shuddered with disgust, 3.a)He gave his wrist-watch a glance, b) Tommy gave her a look out of the corner of his eye. c) But her abstract gaze scarcely noticed the blue sea and the crowded shipping in the harbour, d) Let me have just one peep at the letter. 4. a) Bessie gets up and walks towards the window, b) He did nothing from morning till night but wander at random, c) I saw a man strolling along. d) The men sauntered over to the next room. 5. a) I began to meditate upon writer's life. b) You had better reflect a little, c) The more he thought of it the less he liked the idea. d) I'm sure that a little walk will keep you from breeding. 6. a) The next witness was Dr. Burnett, a thin middle-aged man. b) The woman was tall with reddish curly hair and held a scarlet kimono round her slender figure, c) The girl was slim and dark. d) Studying him, Mrs. Page saw a spare young man with high cheekbones and blue eyes. 7. a) There was a fat woman, who gasped when she talked, b) She came in like a ship at full sail, an imposing creature, tall and stout, c) She was twenty-seven perhaps, plump, and in a coarse fashion pretty, d) He was a person of perhaps forty, red-faced, cheerful, thick. 8. a) Strange, unstable woman. It was rather embarrassing that she would cry in a public gallery.

b) It was a life that perhaps formed queer characters.

c) I thought it odd that they should allow her to dance quite quietly in Berlin, d) It is a veritable picture of an old country inn with low, quaint rooms and latticed windows.


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