Реферат: Treasure Island

– As Told In 2000 Essay, Research Paper

Robert Louis Stevenson —

T r e a s u r e I s l a n d

The year is 2000 and there is illegal smuggling going on in a

Los Angeles Warehouse. It has been a year since. Here is the story told by Jim Stock.

It all started on a Saturday morning, where I was trying to find scrap food in the back of the Pisma Restaurant. I overheard a man with a limp talking to another man with glasses. I wasn?t peeping in on them until heard them talking about a big deal. The man with a limp was L.J. The man he was talking to were Pew-Dogg, a gangbanger that earned a living selling illegal goods out of a crackhouse.

There were three people in on the business. L.J, B.D, and Capt. Bones. Capt. Bones called himself Cap. Because he was a paranoid psycho-path who believed he was a ship captain in the 1600?s.

He thought he was a pirate when it came down to his name. He was a rather smart criminal. Instead of selling drugs, like I thought they did, they were stealing and selling expensive watches, which were mainly Rolex brand.

When I was in back of the Pisma I overheard them saying that the warehouse was on Pier 21. Back then I was a lonely bum that really wanted money, in which case I would do anything for it. So when the F.B.I and the D.E.A came to me, I was sure to ask if I can help. They asked the typical government mumbo-jumbo. Have you seen these men? Do you know anything about what they?re doing?

I said yep. Pretty soon I?m a government agent. They even gave me a gun. They also talked to the owner of piers 21-28, Trelawney. He was shocked. So was the particular maintainer of pier 21, Livesey. First off we located P-Dogg so we can get some hard evidence. If we saw him sell the watches and later find out they were indeed stolen, he would be arrested for possession of stolen property. The second thing we need was to witness B.D. steal the watches. He mostly stole from fine jewelry stores or even sometimes from people walking down the street. Another agent kept track of all the people L.J. negotiated with. The first transaction of money and goods was the 21st of February. P-Dogg and some other gang members were buying over 150 watches. 134 of them were Rolexs?, the rest being Citizens.

We had everyone there, the swat team, the L.A.P.D. and all the agents? involved. We even had a helicopter. Since there was at least 2 hours of evidence on video we were ready for the big bust.

Capt. Bones? crew wasn?t going down easy, and neither was P-Doggs? friends. It was a long stand off but in the end the feds won. They also won the case, the suspects were sentenced to death row and B.D. was killed by another inmate in a Texas prison.

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