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Me Mysefl And I Essay, Research Paper

Where shall I start with this tale of “Strengths and Weaknesses”? Since weaknesses are probably my most stellar talent I shall start here. For years I have had the urge to write but never thought I had one single iota of talent in my bones. So I never tried unless forced by a teacher. I believed that there was only one writer in my family, my brother Chris. So I took my role in my family, My brother the writer, my mother the student, my father the genius and I the artist. All in all it was not bad, but I never had a vent for my frustrations or my thoughts and ideas. This carried into my classes; it made me look like somewhat of an artistic dim wit. To further this idea was my participation in sports. Everyone seems to think a jock in generally stupid in comparison to the rest of the world, so I played this part through most of my school career. I was never stupid I was just stuck in the stereotype. It was an easy role. I never studied; I just slid by on the knowledge I gained from half listening in class. So I was a “C” average student when I should have been something a bit more. (Let me tell ya, I regret this immensely.)

The only classes I excelled in were the creative classes such as art, shop, photography, and even speech class. To be honest, speech class changed me forever. In speech, I was yet again forced to “write”. Speeches were not meant to be written, but only guided by your notes. This is what I believed and still do today. The teacher however thought that you should write every word you spoke and follow it to the letter. This was where I first started to think in high school. I used this class to springboard my thoughts and get them out there. I was tired of being the stupid jock.

To you this written piece before you may seem like rambling but there is a method to my madness. You see, after the writing I did in that class, I decided that I liked to voice my ideas and such. I also found I was not completely lacking in writing skills. Incidentally my teacher felt the same way. He talked me into taking a creative writing class the next semester and to drop my study hall and take over the school newspaper and be its editor. He opened a whole new world to me. I learned everything I could on writing a good story. In all the years of English classes I never really understood what writing really was. I never understood pronouns, run-on sentences, or even how to fix my major problem of using too many “Buts” in my writing. But I did learn how to take someone else’s work and read it and find the errors and ways to make it better. Somehow I just knew what errors were in it and how to fix them. This was always weird to me but to this day errors jump out at me constantly. I drive down a road and see a sign, and “BAM!” there is an error sticking right in front of me.

Ok, enough about the history of how I came to be what I am today. I do hope you realize that I am not a complete dolt and that I needed to give you some history before I told you my writing faults. So if ya (yes I know its supposed to be “you” but that’s how I write.) want some numbers here they come. 1. I am not a good writer. 2. I never said I was a good writer. 3. I do believe however the way I do write is sometimes fun to read and enjoyable instead of the same old stuffy stories and papers everyone else turn in. (This is a strength I think.) 4. I rarely do a rewrite of my work, I feel that if I work something too much it takes the edge off my paper or story and it turns it to mush. 5. I do ramble quite a bit, but hey, you have got to admit that this is no a completely boring paper. 6. I have not had a whole lot of practice in writing, most writers start young, I didn’t, I never could keep my attention long enough in class to really get this “English” stuff down pat. 7. Read number 2 again. 8. This comes after 7 and before 9. 10. I just added this one so I could start a new paragraph on an even number.

So you wanted me to write about my “Strengths and Weaknesses”. Well, my grammar is not always the best. I tend to repeat things; I tend to repeat things. (See I tend to go for the goofy puns) I even tend to ramble a whole lot. I never know where to end a paragraph. And last but not least, “But” my comfort word, it has got to be tamed. (These before are my weaknesses). Now my strengths (just look to the right) I always have something to say. I like to question the grammatical rules. I like to write the way I would speak, the way the average person would say it or like to read it. Sometimes what I write even makes some sense, but not much. (There’s that “But” again.) I write about nothing but always about something. When I write something and do not sign my work you still know its mine by the way I write, who else would write so badly? If someone does not like my story I am not upset, I know that someone out there in the wild blue trailer parks of the world will like it and as long as someone likes it I know it was worth it. Wait, I would like to end my paragraph but geez, I just cannot figure out how to end it and since this is just a paper to show you my “Strengths and Weaknesses” I shall end it here. (Hey I think I just found a run-on sentence.)

I hope this little story gives you some indication of my writing level. I hope that with your help I may be able to get over some of these bumps so that maybe someday the stories floating around in my head might be able to be put on paper with some dignity. Maybe I will even learn some decent grammar and the basic rules I must have missed out on in my school days.

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