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Argument Essay, Research Paper

Quantity vs. Quality

Many people see death is a bad thing. People don t like it and they don t want to hear about it. For many seriously ill and vegetative patients, death is a good thing for them. Death will end their suffering from pains and they can also die with dignity. Euthanasia traditionally means a good death. The term has traditionally been used to refer to the hastening of a suffering person s death or mercy killing. The legalization of euthanasia is important for the patient because it would give dying people a choice to determine if they want to fight the disease or end their suffering.

Since I strongly believe the quality of human life is far more important than the length of life, therefore I am for legalizing of euthanasia. The reason I am for legalizing of euthanasia is because I don t like the feeling of pain. I don t think anyone likes that feeling. I hate seeing other people suffering from all kind of diseases. People should try to enjoy their lives as much as they can. Disease such as AIDS, there is no medication or any method can cure that disease. The legalizing of euthanasia can actually minimize the suffering of those patients. Legalize of euthanasia doesn t simply mean that we encourage people to die. We just want to minimize the suffering of the people.

Legalizing of euthanasia allows dying patients to choose between live or die. For example my mother s friend s husband, Todd, he had a stroke and after that he couldn t move his body. The only thing he could do is whispering. Todd was the only one who was working for their family. So, an economical problem existed in their family since the medical expenses in United States are very high. He had demanded to use the method of withholding medical treatment to end his painful life. But euthanasia is not a legal act, so the hospital refused to help him to do that. One year later, he finally past way. Right now, their family is in big debt due to the hospital bill. If euthanasia was legal at that time, he wouldn t have to suffer physically and his family wouldn t have to suffer economically. There are thousands of people in the world have similar situation like Todd. If euthanasia become legal, then all the dying people can have a choice to die or live fully up to their decision.

The legalization of euthanasia is just another option. It is an option for the seriously ill patients to choose between live or die. Euthanasia can reduces the pain of chronic disease patients and other vegetative patients. Many people think the longer you live, the better it is. But I don t agree with it, I think the quality of life is far more important than the length of life. Sometimes the longer a patient live, the more the patient suffers. If the practice of euthanasia becomes legal, then it will end the pain for thousand and thousands of suffering patients.

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