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Business At A Glance Essay, Research Paper

Business at a Glance

Owning a business is a very interesting occupation. It provides many opportunities such as meeting people through selling merchandise. It also provides the chance to use creativity through the different apparel for stores. Therefore, business ensures a great sense of self-fulfillment for the owner due to the fact that it is focusing on the owners personal interests. Owning a business is a challenging career due to the fact that the owner needs to consider the desired merchandise for the public and the right advertisement. A person is more interesting in buying certain merchandise when the advertisement is catchy relates to some kind of interest to the buyer. Another important factor that someone in business must consider is the location. A business is more likely to be popular in a place where the people are interested in that which the store is selling. Although owning a business is interesting, it takes time and dedication to make the particular business work. I want to be a business owner because I want to own something on my own, sell merchandise interesting to me, and to make money.

There are many reasons for a person to become interested in owning a business. There are lots of interesting businesses and a variety of options to consider before deciding to go into this field. One thing I like about this occupation is the thrill of owning something on my own. In this career, I make all the decisions and decide what happens in the event of a crisis. Also, I get to sell people merchandise that I am interested in. People will come to my store and buy things that I believe are useful and fashionable. Most of all, I would like to enter this field for the money. If

the business I open becomes popular, I will make a very large profit off of it.One author states that, If they have developed an impressive business plan, they may be successful in getting financial backing from outside sources such as banks or venture capitalists (Stair 166). The business field can not only be exciting, but it also is a great way to make money and support a family.

In conclusion, with hard work and dedication, owning a business can be a very rewarding career. The opportunity for using the individuals creativity gives a sense of fulfillment for an individual. It gives the owner the opportunity to show their work and design what they believe is fashionable. It is also rewarding due to the fact that it gives you a chance to meet interesting people that have the same sense of style that the owner shows through their merchandise. People with the same interests as what the business owner produces in their store determine the popularity of the store. According to Baumback and Mancuso, In the cities, entrepreneurs were opening stores, some of which have become major department store chains ( 197). Therefore, the more people who like the service and come back more than once, the bigger the profit. If the owner of a business is compashionate to their job, they will be guaranteed good funds and an interesting job that may fulfill their dreams.

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