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Blackberry Essay, Research Paper

My life is at its peak, but now coming to an end. My name is Blackberry and, in order to live I have to search for this herb. It is only located in a magical place with magical characters such as talking animals. In order to go into this magical place I have to believe in magic, a thing I haven’t believed in since I was a kid. I need the herb, because I have cancer and want to be cured.

I tried everything to make myself believe in magic but nothing helped, until that night when a short, chubby man with big blue eyes appeared in my room. He reminded me of a Leprechaun! I did not believe at first that he was there so I rubbed my eyes to see if he would still be there, which he was. He asked me what I needed help with and I told him that I needed to enter the world of magic. He told me that I was in luck because he was the god of the magic world.

With a flash of light I was entered into a place of whiteness-nothing but white, except for a mirror, how odd. So I walked to that mirror and saw a place filled with color and happiness. I looked a little closer, being curious as I am; I felt a force pulling me in. I didn’t know what happened or how long I was lying on the ground, I lifted myself up slowly to see where I was. I was in that place, I saw in the mirror. Now feeling lonely and scared I shouted in fear. I don’t know why but inside of me I hoped someone would be there. Then all of a sudden I heard a voice, but did not know where it was coming from, so I looked around and finally looking down I saw a little mouse, at the first sight of it I screamed in fear and climbed the tree that was close by. Then I heard a deep voice saying, “Dear, don’t be afraid this mouse wont hurt you, he’s just trying to help”. Then all of a sudden the branch of the tree moved down to the mouse and picked him up to show me he meant no harm. I was so grateful that I gave the mouse the biggest hug. At that point I asked where I was. “You are in the land of Clockabuy, why are you here?” he asked. You are the only one that can bring yourself here. So I told him about the herb. He knew exactly what I was talking about and agreed to show me the way. But, before agreeing he told me that it will be a journey full of danger.

As we walked, we entered an area with a brick wall blocking the path both right and left. The mouse did not relieve that he is much smaller in size, and walked into a crack in the wall and kept walking, not knowing that I was not behind. Not knowing what to do I tried to climb the wall. At first I didn’t succeed then I remembered that I had something special that no one else had, I could stretch my arms as far as I wanted to so, I stretched my arms up, no knowing where the top of the wall was. As I pulled myself up, beyond the clouds until I was in a place with angels. I was standing on top of the wall while the Angels were floating over me. The Angles said, “You have made it on top of the wall. We will now give you wings to help you through this journey, but they can be used once”. I was going to ask a question about the wings, but before I had a chance the Angels had disappeared and I was on top of the wall alone. Looking down I saw a maze and at the end of it was the herb. I decided to use the wings to go over the maze. At about half way through, I started getting lower and lower to the ground until I reached it. The wings had disappeared and I still had to go through the maze. While trying to figure out the maze, I happened to run into a rabbit, which gave me springs to jump over the bushes that made the maze. I tried to stretch my arms out to get over the bushes it was too prickly. I finally got to the herb and saw the mouse. Laughing to myself because the mouse didn’t even realize that I was gone. I ate the herb.

I went back home the same way I got there. I went to the doctors the following week and found out that I was cured. The doctor’s don’t even know how this was possible, but I know and I’m not willing to tell right now. I said, “It’s just by magic”.

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