Реферат: Hamlet The Movie Vs Hamlet Th Essay

Hamlet The Movie Vs. Hamlet Th Essay, Research Paper

Hamlet the Movie


Hamlet the Play

After reading Shakespeare s play Hamlet and viewing the video, Hamlet, many differences and similarities can be found. The video had many good qualities to it. Unfortunately it had many negative aspects also. The same applies for the book. Something s about it were great while other things could have been better.

One really nice quality of the movie Hamlet was simply the fact that it was a movie. Seeing the movie played by actors with all the proper props really is nice. When watching the movie Hamlet it is very easy to become immersed in the plot and setting. The movie Hamlet was a great learning tool for the people that aren t very fast readers or people that do not retain information that they read over a long period of time. The fact remains the movie Hamlet is an excellent learning tool.

However the move Hamlet had several major drawbacks. The movie Hamlet didn t at all follow the plot of the play. Several times the movie Hamlet would veer off the plot of the original play. If the viewer had never seen the play, Hamlet they may find themselves completely lost within the movie. This may attribute to the reason it was such a poorly talked about film.

On the other side of the pole lies the original play of Hamlet. The play is a fast pace thrilling story that keeps the reader wanting to read more. The original play Hamlet tells the tale with full explanation of character, plot, and setting. When reading Hamlet the reader can use their imagination to enhance their reading enjoyment.

Although the play, Hamlet was written by Shakespeare hundreds of years ago, it is still a popular tale today. Much like the movie, the play Hamlet had its drawbacks just not as many as the movie.

If a person is truly interested in learning about the play Hamlet it would be a good idea to watch both the play and the movie to achieve maximum enjoyment and understanding.

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