Реферат: My favourite TV programme

                                     MyFavourite TV Programme

         Nowadays the TV is an indispensablething for us. People often watch TV in their free time. One can choose theprogramme one likes best: sport, music, news, wild world and so on. TVprogramme gives us many useful and interesting informations. For example: news,the programme which tell us about current events in our country and abroad,wild world, which give us many interesting facts about animals, images ofunsual animals, also some adventure programme that show us the facts aboutdifferent countries and cities. You may see films on TV as well. They might befeature, adventure, scientific, cartoon etc.

         Ukrainian television offers a varietyof channels too. Personally, I think the best national TV channel in Ukraine is«Inter». It broadcasts a lot of movies and programmes for adults andteenagers, for different tastes and interests. There are some informational andcognitive programmes on “Inter”, such as “The Details” or “Planet of Health”.“The Details” is about news of the whole week and is broadcast on Sunday evenings.One can also watch entertaining shows on this channel, such as “ Crossroad ofLove”, “Karaoke on the Square” or “Wake up and sing!”

         But my favourite TV channel is “MTV”music channel. “MTV” is probably the most popular in the world. This channel isalways broadcast music. But there are also different programmes on thischannel. For example: “12 fierce spectators”, “Full contact”, “Star dancefloor”,and many other programmes. But my favourite programme is “Star dancefloor”,this programme is broadcast the show, where 4  hip-hop dancers compete with each other inorder to win. They dance hip hop, and the best dancer will win. The winner getssome presents from the show organizers. It’s really an interesting show, Ithink it’s very suitable for teenagers.

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