Реферат: How To Pass A Drug Test Essay

How To Pass A Drug Test. Essay, Research Paper

How To Pass A Drug Test.

To pass a drug test it is very important to estalish the length of time which

the metabolties will be in your body. If you can establish this and then cease

useof the drug far enough away from your test you should pass without the

difficulties of other methods.

The next method to use to pass a test is the use of blockers or diuretics. These

will either water your urine down or cause you to metabolize the drug quicker.

This will allow you to stay on the drug closer to the test.

The final method is substitution. You can either find somone else to supply the

urine for you or you can doctor your own. To do this you must empty your

bladder then insert a catheter and fill your bladder with clean urine, like in

the film the program.

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