Реферат: Ch9 Outline Biology Essay Research Paper Ch9

Ch9 Outline Biology Essay, Research Paper

Ch.9 Outline Nutrition

1. What are the nutrients in food?

A. Food

1. cells must be supplied with food or they stop working

2. growth and repair

3. supplied regularly in the right amount and balance

4. Nutrients

a. chemicals in food cells need

b. Nutrients study of nutrients

c. six nutrients

1. protein

2. fats

3. carbohydrates

4. vitamins

5. minerals

6. water

B. Proteins, Fats, and Carbo?s

1. Proteins

a. build and repair tissue

b. make up large part of muscle, bone, and skin

c. foods such as meats, eggs fish, nuts, and chicken

2. Fats

a. source of energy

b. food, salad dressing, butter, and cooking oils

3. Carbo?s

a. first supply of energy

b. foods, starches, sugars, bread, and fruit

4. Nutrient percent in body

a. Carbo?s 2%

b. Fats M: 18%, F: 30%

c. Proteins M: 20%, F: 18%

d. Water M: 60%, F: 50%

5. Nutrients needed per day

a. Carbo?s 300g

b. Proteins 25g

c. fiber 25g

d. fats less than 65g

6. person remains healthy if they take in correct amounts of each

7. eat foods with correct amounts of nutrients

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