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origin of the known universe

The origin of the known universe has been a subject of debate since time began. Countless numbers of religions have come up with many stories to explain the creation of the earth, and its inhabitants. Most religions believe that some form of supreme being created everything. The Navajo Indians believe that Talking God and his rival god’s created the earth in a series of unscientific events. Almost every person holds to a belief about the universe that has been derived from a belief in creation, or a belief in evolution. The idea of creationism, held by the Christian belief system, is often looked upon as a myth by today’s enlightened society. Most schools of thought embrace the theory of evolution without the slightest thought that it might not be true. They’ve gone as far as basing the age of the earth and universe on the absurd notion that evolution did happen. Evolution could not have happened because: It does not follow the law of thermodynamics; it is improbable; scientist have yet to find a beneficial mutation; there is no known evidence of evolution is the fossil records; and evolution does not agree with the Bible, which is scientifically sound.

Evolution does not follow the second law of thermodynamics. The law states that heat is transferred from an area of high to low (Ross tape). In essence, everything goes from an area of high to low, or from order to disorder. Because of this law, we have wind, which is created by air moving from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. Never does air travel from an area of low pressure to an area of high pressure. Let us take, for instance, a closet. In this closet we have shirts, pants, and various other articles of clothing. If someone was to neatly organize this closet, he would have to fold the pants, hang up the shirts, and put everything away in a way considered neat. He would take certain steps to make sure that everything is done properly. Now let us say that this closet is used everyday, but nothing is returned to it’s original location, instead everything is simply thrown in a haphazard fashion. It would be safe to say that this closet would go from a state of order to disorder. This person could throw his clothes in this closet every day for a thousand years, and never would it return back to an order in which the original organizer would consider neat. How much more complicated is a living creature? If a closet could never move from a state of disorder to a state of order, then how could a living body, which is much more complicated do this. In order for evolution to be true, all the components of a cell would have to come together in such a way that the cell would work properly. This act goes against the law of thermodynamics.

The mathematical probability of evolution from single cells to a man is beyond

comprehension. We have nearly one hundred trillion cells in our body. Since DNA and other

vital components of cells all need to change together, the chance of this happening is nearly

impossible (Finley 3). It is estimated that the odds for a the evolution of a horse from a single cell is around one in ten to the three millionth power. There is a much greater chance that everyone in the world will be struck by lightning every day for the rest of their lives, then for a horse to have evolved from a single cell. There is a far better chance that everyone in America will win the next power ball lottery, which is a one in two times ten to the sixteenth power,than for this to happen. Molecular biophysics Harold Morowitz calculated the size of the gulf that separates the simplest aqueous solution containing a few amino acids. If one was to take the simplest living cell and break every chemical bond within it, the odds that the cell would reassemble under ideal natural conditions would be one in ten to the hundred trillionth power (Ross Cosmos 139). With odds like this, the time scale becomes completely irrelevant. Yet, evolutionist insist that everything came from a single cell.

Evolutionist believe in the process of natural selection. They believe that evolution happens through numerous mutations, which are beneficial, random changes in genetic makeup (Morris-Parker 94). Many site an experiment in which a fly’s larva is exposed to large amounts of radiation. These flies are then born with more than one set of wings (Ross cosmos 145). Unfortunately, the ones that do live, die within minutes of being born. There has never been a mutation that has been of benefit to a species. Most mutations are actually harmful. Cancer is probably the most common form of mutation that exist today. Also, if it is mutation, not a need, that enables a species to evolve, then the greater the number in the species, the greater the rate of mutation would be. This century we have had more humans than any other pervious century; since mutations most often happen at birth, evolution for humans would have sped up (Hollaway). Since mutations are very distinct and unpredictable, we would have noticed some progress since history has been record, but we haven’t.

There is no evidence of evolution in the fossil records. Even Darwin said himself that there was no evidence. “Geology assuringly does reveal any such finely graduted organic change, and this is perhaps the most obvious and serious objective which can be urged against the theory.” He believed that evidence would be found (Morris-Parker 130). No such evidence has been found; infact, much of the found evidence has since been proven to be a differnt species rather than a evolved one. If evolution were true, we’d find millions and millions of different animals at differnt stages of the evolutionary process. We would not have just found a couple of bones here and there.

Evolution contradicts the bible, which has been proven to be scientifically sound. In many instances the Bible states facts that were not believed to be true until sometimes thousands of years later. Around four thousand years ago, Job indicated that the cluster of Pleiades is bound (Job 38:31). “Can you bind the cluster of the Pleiades, or loose the belt of Orion?” This was not proven to be true until this century, four thousand years later. Also in Isaiah (Isaiah 40:22) the earth is mentioned as being round. “It is he who sits above the circle of the earth…” This was written in 680 Bc. At this time, it was common knowledge that the earth was flat. Also, the eleven steps of creation follow the order in which scientist say the earth would have to be created for any life to exist (Ross tape). It would be necessary for water and light to exist before plans and animals. In would be curial for plants to exist before animals, because most animals eat plants. The Bible says that everything was created in this fashion. According to science, two contradicting things cannot exist and both be correct. One must be false and the other true, and since the Bible is scientifically sound, evolution is false.

Evolutionist have tried desperately to prove evolution to be true, but when put to the test, evolution does not hold its own ground. It lacks the existence of positive evidence; and most importantly, it does not lack negative evidence, which is more curial for a theory than positive evidence.

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