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Media To The Masses Essay, Research Paper

Lucas Forgue


Media to the Masses

What is the mass media? Mass media is defined by means of public communication reaching a large audience. It is a combination of television broadcasts, radio shows, newspaper headlines, and magazine articles. To some, it is a way of learning what is happening in the world. To others, it is an invasion of people?s lives and the way they live. How do these two sides of the spectrum look at the world of mass media?

The content of information found in newspapers, magazines, and on television gives a certain insight on how things are changing in the world. Most people sit down at night and read the paper or watch the nightly news to find out what went on during the day. Today, many may find that in these broadcasts there is mainly troubling news about a third world country and their unhealthy way of life, or about a horrible fire that took a family?s home. There is also the presence of the positive newsworthy events. For example, how well the ?Walk For Life? walk-a-thon did for raising money. Also, upcoming events that one may want to attend such as a play a local high school or a band that consists of former classmates.

It is also evident of how the media may get carried away with discussing a celebrity?s life. To some, they may find this very entertaining and a way to forget about their own troubles. To others, it may seem wrong that the media can pry so profusely in one?s personal life, and not show any remorse. You may find this a lot when discussing celebrities and their personal lives. It even has its own periodicals and television shows solely based on celebrities? way of life. Will this kind of behavior increase or will it decline? It might be an invasion of privacy, but most of us see it as a form of entertainment and a view inside these people?s lives.

As mentioned, media reaches many different views, and shows many different aspects of life. Many people rely on media to inform them of the world whether it be in newspapers, magazines, or on our television sets. But what is mass media? This is the combination of all of them as a whole, working as one to be a guide in the crazy world we live in. Why do some rely on this? It may be their only source of information, aside from personal experiences, why else would they see it as a part of their life! Sitting down at night and watching the news to find out whom had what kind of luck and who didn?t, or what you can expect in the days to come. Today in the nineties mass media is present even if it appears to be right or wrong.

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