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Changes are a key factor in life; and the play, Inherit the Wind, was a book of changes. The largest change probably between the two main characters, Matthew Harrison Brady and Henry Drummond, who are lawyers who square off in a match of Faith against Science. There are many similarities between the two. They are both very kind towards one another and have a strong mutual respect. There are also many differences. Each lawyer took the case for his own reasons, and they are looked at in two different lights.

Matthew Harrison Brady, when he accepted the case, was using it only as a stump for him to shout from. Brady wants win the Presidency next time he runs. He knows the outcome of this case could make a hero to millions of people if he wins, or an overrated spokesman who can t convince 12 men that breaking the law is illegal. He never really cared about the issues or what was at stake in the case, just the publicity he would get when he won. Drummond, on the other hand, was a man who realized what would follow if Brady won the case. He realized it would allow the law to control a man s inalienable rights, more importantly the right to think. He realized the right to think is very much on trial here, in that if he lost, more similar cases would follow, and man would become slave to himself.

Shield your eyes monk! [For]You re about to meet the mightiest of your descendants. A man who wears a cathedral for a cloak, a church spire for a hat. Brady was a demigod to the people of Hillsboro. Not only was he a noble, respected man whom they all thought should be President, but he was also the artillery behind the prosecution s case, willing to stand up against the moral injustices done unto the innocent children of Hillsboro… Drummond, the largest obstacle in the path of Right, is the devil. He is willing to try his hardest to let murderers walk free. Hello, Devil. Welcome to Hell, a quote that shows the town s hatred for him. In a small church town filled those who appear to be the most faithful in all of the world, will willingly slit his neck!

The two are similar though. They care and have a mutual respect for each other. Drummond even campaigned for Brady s presidency in 1908. The two were once close friends, but drifted apart. Brady: Why is it, old friend, that you have moved so far away from me? Drummond: All motion is relative. Perhaps it is you who have moved away by standing still. They were once great friends; but over time they found their search for Truth evolve in different ways. A giant once lived in that body. But Matt Brady got lost. Because he was searching for God to high up and too far away. They now found themselves on two different sides of an issue.

Considering all the similarities and differences between Drummond and Brady, the strongest is the similarity of their understanding of each other, the way they listen to each other, the way they protect one another, their mutual respect. This bond is so strong, that even after the trial, Drummond is able to stick up for Brady, and not let Hornbeck walk on his grave. This bond is the similarity that allowed opposites to oppose each other, and still be friends.

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