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Inherit The Wind Essay, Research Paper

Matthew Harrison Brady, of Inherit the Wind by: Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, never fooled anyone. He may have seemed strong in the beginning but he no substance under the shell. Such a false front can be compared to water behind an earthen dam. It may hold some water for a time but once the water finds a weak point, the whole structure comes crashing down along with the fury of all the water behind it. Within brady, the water represents the gooey inner core of his personality. Once he loses his composure in front of his once adoring audience the entire fluid of his persona comes crashing out. The only strength of Matthew Harrison Brady is his power in deliveringh his ideas. As in the earthen dam example, the townspeople represent the city protected from the water by the dam. Once the dam breaks, all the townspeople below get wet and are shaken to their foundations. Matthew Harrison Brady, without a doubt, deserves no sympathy. One example of Brady s overly self-confidence would be “No I believe we should welcome Henry Drummond.” (Pg. 25). Ha! What a shock he is in for. His own “high and mighty” thinking is going to lead to his downfall. Even Brady is taken a tad aback by the news that Drummond will be joining the trial “Brady: (pale) Drummond?” (Pg. 25) While he basks in his loving audience of townspeople, he will yet be pulled down from his high throne to be questioned and scorned. While the town feels much strife resulting from the trial, the truth will yet be discovered that there really is no right answer to the question who is right and who is wrong. The fact is, Brady is threatened by Drummond and so Brady rallies his supporters to his assistance. While he not only wishes to rally the townspeople behind him, he is looking for the love of the reader too, causing the reader to question the motives of the defense for him. One must see through the filth and witness the truth. As the trial moves on, Brady begins to reveal his frustration and his instability inhigh-stress situations. One of the high points within the defense of Cates was when Drummond confounded Brady by denying one of his witnesses “I object to the defense attorney rejecting a worthy citizen without so much as asking a him a question!” In retort to the complaint, Drummond casually asks the person the question, “How are you” to which he replies, “Kinda hot.” and then dismisses him (Pg. 37). Without a concrete foundation under him, Brady looks to his now-dwindling supporter base. This “supporter” base is the type of organism that acts like a fair-weather friend. While it s there while the going is good, once there is a questionable action, the solidity of the supporter is traumatized. Once Brady is put on the stand to be questioned on his own beliefs, the entire shape of the group is altered. It is now Drummond who basks in the limelight. The difference between the two attorneys is that Drummond gains supporters through effort and determination, along with a good argument. Brady s support came by default because they were members of the same faith. Brady s support was built quickly with straw, which was quickly knocked over by the winds of strife. Drummond s support came over time and was built solidly with concrete and rebar. Such a support pedestal

was one of lasting importance in the future. In the end, Matthew Harrison Brady is taken out by the defense and the loss of his audience. “Mother, they re laughing at me, Mother!” (Pg. 91). At this point, the onlytranquility to be found is in his own wife, whom he calls mother. It seems as though not a soul in the world is on his side anymore, and this thought proves disastrous to Brady both emotionally and physically. The fact of the matter is out and the reader need not give him sympathy because the consequences to his arrogance are made dramatically clear. It almost seems as though he is begging the reader one final time to stay with him. His frustration towards everyone is shown… .”A few people leave. He watches them desperately, out of the corner of his eye ” (Pg. 106). This final beckoning is a precursor to his sudden death the same day. There is almost a tear shed at his death by the reader but that is to say almost. Lacey Witham put it best when she said, “See this tear? It s not for you.” It just goes to show that in almost every case, if one does not have concrete evidence, it should be carefully regarded, taking into account every aspect of the opinion. One person s belief in a precept should not constitute a valid statement. Matthew Brady was a sad, sorry man who brought trouble unto himself and “Inherited The Wind”.

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