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Stellar Stella Essay, Research Paper

Stellar Stella

After the reading of a play entitled A Streetcar Named Desire, written by Tennessee Williams, there was quite a discussion on what women thought of as the ideal man. Was Stanley Kawalski the type of guy women secretly yearned for their whole lives? Although many responses came up, a few questions were not mentioned: What makes the ideal woman? What is it that attracts men to women? Stanley Kawalski may be the ideal ?macho? man, but what about his wife, Stella? Upon closer investigation, I have concluded that indeed Stella is the ideal woman.

One of the qualities that make Stella such a fantastic woman is her compassion. After all, who else could deal with a sibling like Blanche? Stella was extremely tolerant of her sister. She was sensitive to both Blanche and Stanley?s needs. She knew deep in her heart that Stanley loved her. This allowed Stella to care for her husband despite the fact that he abused her when she was pregnant with their child. It should not be forgotten that she is forgiving. Although Blanche made all of those horrible accusations against her husband, Stella was not too upset to see to it that she receive proper treatment. She cared so deeply for her older sister that she arranged for Blanche to ?rest in the country.? How sweet that was of her. Time and again she demonstrated just how kind and forgiving she really is.

Another quality that makes Stella most endearing to men is her knowledge. Stella has recognized her place and is completely content with this understanding. It is her job to clean up the house after Stanley and his poker buddies. She knows that she will return to Stanley no matter what he does. It could range from a simple white lie to raping her sister. Stella grasps the fact that she will remain faithful to Stanley for life. This makes for an appealing woman. What man wouldn?t appreciate someone like her?

One last feature that attracts the opposite sex is that she is ignorant. They say that ignorance is bliss, and in this scenario, it is true. She is oblivious to her husband?s roguish traits. This means that her husband is able to do as he pleases, no consequences attached. Of course, there is the possibility that she perceives what is happening and simply refuses to do anything about it. The end result is ultimately the same. It is no wonder that Stanley loves being with Stella so greatly. Any ?manly? man will attest to the statement that this is the way a woman should be. ?Every man is a king? and therefore should be allowed to fulfil his every desire.

In conclusion, Stella is indeed the ideal woman. No man could resist being in a relationship with her. Unlimited freedom, free housekeeping, and great ?loving? are all guaranteed with a girl like Stella. Every woman needs to know her place the way Stella does. It is not as though she receives nothing in return for all of her attributes. She acquires a meritorious husband like Stanley, and he is without a doubt quite a catch. In the end, it is qualities such as these that make Stella, or any girl, a stellar woman.

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