Реферат: The Clash Of The Titans Essay Research

The Clash Of The Titans Essay, Research Paper

The movie “The Clash of the Titans” was very good because it was a fantasy-adventure based on Greek mythology and Greek history.

Perseus, the son of Zeus, must face a variety of awesome challenges in pursuit of his destiny. It is a long and episodic movie with fine elements that focuses its story on ancient mythology. The actors and actresses are great and interpreted the story including its Greek history to the audience very well. There are also plenty of well-realized characters and imaginative imagery that help to visualize the prehistoric event or story. The significance of the internal dialogue between the gods and the mortals appears to be realistic at the end of the movie and can be associated with Greek mythology. The story is very well put-together and is very detailed in its myth and history. Personally I think that the Medusa’s scene was very suspenseful.

The whole story is entitled “Clash of the Titans” because there is a disagreement between the Gods, Zeus and Thetis. After all it is a well made movie for most everybody but particularly for Greek mythology fans.



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