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Roswell Essay, Research Paper

Is The Truth Really Out There?

My belief on Roswell is that the incident is not what everyone makes it up to be. It was not an alien crash landing. The farmer that found it all didn t find anything more than the military stated. This topic I believe to be interesting because there is so much controversy around it. If there were a crash there would be tremendous amount of scandal, and cover up involved in hiding this incident.

After the General Accounting Office (GEO) was inquiring into the subject for a deal of time. In July 1994 the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force concluded an extensive period of research, and finally closed the case of Roswell. The Geo initiated the investigation of the Roswell incident at the request of a member of Congress. [t]he GEO s task was to decide if the U.S. Air Force, or any other government, possessed information on the alleged crash and recovery of an extraterrestrial vehicle and it s alien occupants near Roswell, N.M. in July 1947. (Executive Summery) In 1994 the reports on the Roswell incident reported that the wreckage found was just an Army Air Forces balloon-borne research project code named MOGUL. MOGUL was for the most part never classified and available to the public. This report discusses that the alien s bodies at Roswell and shows that those bodies appear to actually be incidents in which Air Force personal were killed or injured. The Air Forces conclusion were [a]ir Force activities which occurred over a period of many years have been consolidated and are now represented to have occurred in two to three days in July 1947. (Air Force Release) Also the aliens observed in the New Mexico desert could have been anthropomorphic test dummies, which were carried to extremely high altitudes for scientific research on how to safely get a man to the ground from a high altitude ejection. This would explain the accurate description of Military persons always coming to the scene shortly after the UFO crashed. These military personnel were there to recover these anthropomorphic test dummies. These dummies made by Alderson Laboratories resemble the pictures that Major Jesse Marcel described in the crash site he witnessed.

The argument that the Roswell incident has many theories, what happened on that summer day in July in 1947. According to one theory the military had been tracking this alien craft on radar for four days in southern New Mexico. Then on night of July 4th 1947 the radar detected that the object had come down somewhere between thirty to forty miles northwest of Roswell. This theory also has an eyewitness William Woody who lived near Roswell, who says [o]n the night of July 4th 1947 a bright object plunge towards the ground. When woody and his father tried to locate the object a couple of days later they were stopped by military personnel who had quarantined off the area. (Sanderson 186) Monday morning, July 7th 1947 Major Jesse Marcel took his first look at this accident. Marcel would remark later [s]omething must have exploded above the ground and fell. I was able to determine which direction it came from, and which direction it was heading. It was in the pattern you could tell where it started out and where it ended by how it was thinned out (Thomas csicop.org)

In conclusion I will restate that I believe that firmly that there was no crash in of UFO in Roswell New Mexico, all that this town has ever seen are test sites that have gone off course. If the Roswell incident were true then why would there not be any other sittings of crashed UFO s? The Roswell Incident was not an alien encounter or crash, it was actually [e]nlightens people about the pioneer research, and the challenging and often heroic work of the Air Force personnel during those early years. (Air Force Release)

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