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Chapter By Chapter Of Lion, Witch, And The Wardrob Essay, Research Paper

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Chapter SummaryChapter 1: Lucy Looks into a WardrobeFour siblings, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are sent from their home in London to live in a mansion with an old Professor to avoid war. The children discover a room with a wardrobe Lucy stays in the room. Lucy goes inside. She finds a row of fur coats. She feels the fur. The soft fur becomes hard like a tree. Lucy notices a light. She moves towards the light and finds herself in a snowy wood. Lucy frightened, but explores the woods.Chapter 2: What Lucy Found ThereMr. Tumnus is very friendly to Lucy and even invites her to his house. Lucy eats for several hours before she tells Tumnus she need to go. Then Mr. Tumnus reveals that his true intention is to hand her over to the Queen of Narnia. The White Witch ordered that all humans be brought to her castle. Tumnus does not betray Lucy and leads her back through the wardrobe. Chapter 3: Edmund and the WardrobeShe returns to the room, and no time has passed. She tells the other children, but they don t believe her. During a game of hide-and-seek, Lucy reenters the wardrobe. Edmund follows her into Narnia. Edmund looks for Lucy but can t find her. He turns to leave, and hears bells. The sled drawn by white reindeer makes the noise. Edmund discovers the White Witch.Chapter 4: Turkish DelightThe Witch gives Edmund Turkish Delight. She enchants the food so whoever ate it would constantly crave it. Edmund tells the witch where he is from. The witch convinces Edmund to deliver his siblings. In reward, he will become a prince. The witch leaves Edmund alone on the road. Edmund and Lucy return to wardrobe room.Chapter 5: Back on this Side of the DoorLucy tells Peter and Susan about Narnia. Edmund denies Narnia. Peter and Susan inform the Professor. The Professor agrees there may be a country inside the house. He tells them to mind their own. Mrs. Macready is giving some guests a tour of the house. The children run to avoid being seen. They go in the wardrobe room. The four children hide in the wardrobe.Chapter 6: Into the ForestThe children find themselves in Narnia. Lucy leads the group to Mr. Tumnus s. Mr. Tumnus s door has been ripped open. Tumnus is to stand trial for a variety of offenses. The children decide to help Tumnus. The children decide to follow a robin. The bird leads them deep into the wood then disappears.Chapter 7: A Day with the BeaversSusan spots an animal. The animal motions for them to follow him. Beaver leads them into the forest, and tells them they are not safe. The children go to the beaver s home. They talk and eat with Mr. Beaver and his wife.Chapter 8: What Happened after DinnerMr. Beaver tells them of the Witch. The children learn Tumnus has been taken to the Witch. He tells them about the prophecies that will be fulfilled when humans come to Narnia and join Aslan, the Great Lion King. Beaver takes the four to meet Aslan. Edmund slips out of the house. The four realize that Edmund has gone. The three remaining children leave.Chapter 9: In the Witch s HouseEdmund enters the Witch’s house. He sees stone statues. He remembers that Lucy mentioned the witch’s ability to turn things to stone. He is about to enter the castle when a wolf confronts him. Edmund is escorted into the witch’s chamber. He is yelled at for not bringing his siblings. Chapter 10: The Spell Begins to Break

The three children travel to the stone table. They rest in an old cave. They hear bells. He calls to the children to come out. Santa Claus, whom was kept out of Narnia for years, appears. Santa Claus gives gifts. Peter receives a shield and a sword. Susan receives a little horn. Lucy receives a bottle of healing cordial. Santa gives them food, and they move on.Chapter 11: Aslan is NearEdmund is treated badly. The witch forces him to travel with her. They travel miles to a point where she crosses the river and heads for the stone table. The witch sends the wolf to the Beaver s house to kill whatever he may find. The Witch encounters difficulty, because of the melting snow. They walk, and the dwarf proceeds to the stone table. They decide that it will be impossible to reach the stone table before the others.Chapter 12: Peter s First BattleThe three children meet Aslan. He asks about Edmund. Peter is shown the castle where he is to sit as high king. Susan’s horn sounds, Peter runs to her aid. Wolf is chasing Susan. Susan jumps into a tree. Peter kills the wolf. Aslan seeks out Edmund.Chapter 13: Deep Magic from the Dawn of TimeThe witch learns of Wolf s death. She calls out the evil spirits. She is about to deliver a deathblow to Edmund when she is attacked. Edmund runs to Aslan’s camp. The three children find that Edmund. Aslan speaks with Edmund. The witch’s dwarf comes to Aslan to request an audience. The witch claims that Edmund is hers. Aslan gets her to give up Edmund.Chapter 14: Triumph of the WitchHe instructs the party to move to the Fords. Aslan appears sad during the trip. He gives Peter battle training. Susan and Lucy have difficulty sleeping and look for Aslan. They find him leaving camp. Aslan spots them. He lets them follow him. Aslan leads them to the stone table. Susan and Lucy hide in the trees and watch Aslan. The witch is waiting, and Aslan is seized. They shave his mane. After a talk the witch stabs Aslan. The girls are horrified by the sight.Chapter 15: Deeper Magic from before the Dawn of TimeThe witch and her followers prepare for battle. Susan and Lucy remove the muzzle but can t remove the ropes. Mice come and chew the ropes. The girls go to the castle. They run back to the stone table to find it broken and Aslan missing. They turn to find Aslan, living and in perfect health. Aslan tells them of the deeper magic. When a willing victim gives himself instead of a traitor, the table breaks in half and death is rendered. They climb on Aslan s back. He runs swiftly to the Witch’s house. Chapter 16: What Happened about the StatuesHe gets reinforcements by restoring those whom had been turned to stone. Aslan gives instructions to proceed to the Fords. They find the battle is not going well. Edmund gets injured. Aslan pounces on the witch, crushing her. Her army flees into the forest. Chapter 17: The Hunting of the White StageEdmund is restored with a drop from Lucy’s bottle. The entire group goes to the coronation of the kings and queens. Several years pass. The white stag has been sighted near Tumnus’s home. The white stag grants wishes. The four go hunt the stag. Edmund recognizes a lamp. All think it a strange place to put a light. They, suggest that giving up pursuit of the stag would dishonor them. They proceed. They start walking through coats and step out of the wardrobe. They are young again, no time has passed since they went into the wardrobe. The four tell the professor and he believes.

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