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Aging As A Mental Issue Essay, Research Paper

Aging comes naturally and people should not be frighten be it. As it turns out the fear of this process is enough to speed it up. The negative attitude is a very powerful factor in this process and has a great effect on the physical aspect of aging. It is enough to put people into deep depression or lose their confidence with many other things like good posture. On the other hand maintaining a positive thinking can really slow the process down. In fact it can do miracles, regular exercises and healthy diet can bring new life. Often people feel threatened by aging and put a hold on their lives, while they should be constantly evolving as they go through life. With positive thinking, it is all possible. This paper will show that despite aging process will eventually take its toll, people have the mental power to turn it into a fulfilling experience.

Aging means change, a process which is inevitable. The real problem is that people tend to see it in a negative way. They feel threatened by aging and tend slow down their lives since they aged. This type of negative thinking does not have any future. People tend to give up on their daily exercise and they sometimes forget about their healthy eating. In their mind, a light went off, meaning their prime is over, it is time to switch to a more laid back lifestyle. It is time to think about the retirement plans and forget about those exercises, they will only make you tired. What is the point of a healthy diet at this age? A slim posture becomes something of the past very quickly. In one s mind, attractiveness does not matter anymore. Being married, and have children somehow completes their life. Some people accept the changes aging brings, they live their live just like before, only a little bit slower, while others have hard time coping.

Coping can be very difficult. In some cases, counseling can be helpful but first a person must acknowledge their problems. Most people are in fact too embarrassed to admit they are afraid of aging. Without positive attitude, their confidence level rapidly goes down and this is only the beginning. Unless the individual has a supporting environment, they will not adjust to their new stage of life. They will give up more easily and forget about the beneficial things like exercise and proper diet. No new inspiration will come up on their horizons simply because they will stop looking for it. Depression will slowly make its way into their lives and take over whatever was left of their confidence. At this point, only a determined individual could make a change, everyone also will need professional help. Getting back confidence can be quick but it can also take time depending on the person.

At this point only positive attitude can make a difference. The first step has to be realization that this is only the midpoint. There is still many great years ahead. Some important decisions must be made such as proper diet and exercising. Physical fitness will definitely play an essential role in getting back one s confidence. It has a great effect in many areas of everyday life. Bringing energy that provides motivation and ultimately it renders those long awaited goals real. With new energy comes confidence and the ability to set goals again. A feeling of being alive comes back making aging enjoyable rather than depressing. Another feeling associated with the recent change is a sense of an accomplishment. A feeling of pride and attractiveness skyrockets the self-confidence into new levels, which were not supposed to come anymore.

Aging is inevitable and it brings change. One must adapt to it or suffer its effects. Although irreversible, it can be slow down as long as a positive attitude is kept along the way. Aging is seen by many as if they had no power over it, while in fact it greatly depends on them. In most cases, people s physical condition greatly relies on their own state of mind. To make the best out of this stage in life people must promote a positive way of thinking. Otherwise, their negative attitude will destroy their self-image and confidence, while leading to depression. By choosing positive thinking they will choose life and enjoy their later part of it instead of hurting along the way.

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