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Life Styles Essay, Research Paper

The lifestyle that will be discussed in this paper is one of a healthy person who exercises regularly to maintain both physical and mental strength. The benefits of this lifestyle are to maintain good health in order to excel in the future. Excelling in the field of policing and the area of corrections. One must give up certain luxuries in life, one must exercise regularly, and one must eat healthy.

To be a healthy person one must exercise on a regular basis and maintain a healthy diet. One must not subject oneself to all the luxuries of life like going out every night and partying to the wee hours of the morning. When people go out and party all night long and partake in miscellaneous activities such as drinking and doing drugs your health becomes a risk. People?s bodies are subject to abuse from all the alcohol. Alcohol is good for you if it is used in moderate proportions. It?s the overuse of alcohol that kills your livers and gives you that glum feeling. Everyone knows that it is not a wise chose to drink excessive amounts of alcohol because of the side effects it has on your body. The benefits that one would receive if alcohol were only drunk in moderate proportions would be phenomenal. No one in the world like?s the feeling of a hangover. Waking up to a pounding headache only to have to go and visit your favourite friend the porcelain bowl. Getting ridiculously drunk has no place in the life of a healthy person. It?s one of those things that you should give up if you are in the field of policing and corrections. Alcohol causes you stress as well as a lot of other side effects on your body and mind. Drugs are definitely not a good chose if you are entering the field of policing. This is something that everyone entering policing should avoid all together. The drug world is a vast one that police should have a common knowledge of but not partake in of course.

The other lifestyle choices needed in order to maintain healthy both physically and mentally is taken part in regular exercise.

Regular exercise is one of the most important things for future police officers to take part in. Regular exercise is necessary so the police officer maintains an optimal level of condition that it takes to pass physically demanding tests. An officer of the law should work out to maintain his body so when it comes time to chase down a criminal. When one talks about regular exercise we should include every avenue of exercising. Exercise starts with stretching in order to increase muscular endurance in the case that you pursue a perpetrator for a long period of time. Besides getting in shape and chasing perpetrators there are many other physical benefits of physical exercise. Some of these benefits include reduced risk of heart attack, lowered stress levels, increased life span. When exercising you have a better opportunity to control your weight and cholesterol. Exercising wreaks great benefits when you are looking to be a cop in the future. Exercise also makes you feel good about yourself. That in its self helps you because if you feel good about yourself the agency that you would be working for would also receive some benefits. To improve on your fitness you should try to give yourself a number of different activities that wouldn?t get old after a short period of time. Exercise for a few hours a day every day and your body will wreak the benefits. Always remember to take days off to let your bodies muscles heal. Along with the physical benefits of exercise comes the responsibility of the person to eat healthy as well. After your done working out who should have some of the physical benefits such as strong cardio, strength, power, appearance, more flexibility as well as endurance. Exercise also contributes to a better attitude and social life. You must have a good exercise routine as well as a healthy diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You must eat right to maintain your health.

To eat right first one must consider what is needed in the food that they are eating to make them stronger. There are six essential nutrients that are needed in order to benefit healthy from a diet. The essentials include water, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. These essential nutrients are necessary to maintain a healthy diet. With the essential nutrients one must also have a diet that consists of the four major food groups. The four major food groups are grain, vegetables and fruit, milk products, meat and alternatives. To maintain a healthy diet you should consume a certain amount of each food group each day, which leads to a healthy diet. For grain you should consume 5-12 servings a day, Vegetables and Fruit you should have 5-10 servings a day, with milk products you should only consume 2-4 products a day, with meat and alternatives you should consume 2-3 items a day to fulfill your adequate intake of nutrients. If you maintain this regular in take of the four major food groups and the six nutrients you would receive an optimal level of health that would benefit you in the future.

In conclusion all the exercise and the proper diet will benefit you in the future for the sake of your health and your department. If you were looking into a future in policing having a proper diet would definitely help you in the long run. Being able to exercise and not partake in such things as drinking and the drugs would be a great benefit for the future of policing. All and all health and wellness is necessary if you are going to consider a future in policing.

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