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Influence Of Media Essay, Research Paper

The media has affected me in a variety of ways. I am manipulated by the media through

images and symbols which are portrayed through it. It has influenced my lifestyle, personality and opinions.

My lifestyle has been effected a great deal by the media. The images of people in

new, somewhat “cool” apparel has influenced the types of clothing I buy. Some brands

have more appeal than others due to its representation in the media. An example would be

Nike, it reaches out to its audience through flashy ad campaigns and regular spots on

TV shows. Because of Nikes lengthy appeal to get my attention, it has suceeded in doing so.

When I enter a shoe store, I would more likely stroll over to the Nike section rather than

a “no-name” brand section. This type of behaviour can be interpreted as irresponsible

becauseI would take into account of the name recognition of something before

looking at the actual quality of the product. My lifestyle has definately been

influenced by the media, and not necessarily for the good.

The media has influenced my personality as well. Some television shows have given

me a better perspective on life in general. These show’s have gave me a better appreciation

of the precious nature of life and how I should respect it. Other shows have made myself

more inclined to think before I act, rather than just acting without a reason. Generally,

the media has had a positive influence on my personality.

My opinions have been shaped from what I have read and seen in the media. Many

newspapers offer different perspectives on issues which give me a better understanding

of both sides of an issue. Through this I have been made more aware of the world around

me. Television shows which are based on a particular issue that may or may not effect me

have also made me more aware of society as a whole. Although much of my media experience

has helped me form my own opinions, I do believe that the media is not as insightful and

neutral as it should be. Especially today, when you hear of large companies furthering

there agendas in the newspapers that they own.

The media is a very large aspect of modern society. It allows people to become

more informed and productive members of society. But the media is far from perfect,

corporate pressure, the continuing movement towards more substance than fact in the media

has created a cloud which shades much of the possible media innovation that could be

actually happening at this very moment. But regardless of these issues, the media has

a profound impact on myself and also much of the modern society.

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