Реферат: Why Do You Want To Be A

Why Do You Want To Be A Teacher? Essay, Research Paper

David Heine

MW 2:00-2:50

Group #27


1.Do you still want to become a teacher? Why? Be specific and thorough about your reasons.

Yes, I still want to become a teacher. If anything, everything that we did throughout the semester just made me more positive that this is what I want to do with my life. I have a few reasons for this answer and I’ll describe them to you. I just love the idea of having my own kids to work with and pick their minds and make them think. I want to be a teacher so I’ll be able to make my kids think and watch them figure out things and work through them, that interests me a lot. Seeing a kid learn, and learn because of you, and also because they want too, is an awesome thing. Being a teacher is a big responsibility, you have to be serious with your kids, but you have to be a “friend” also to make them comfortable so they’ll learn better. I really like to idea of being able to form good relationships with my students in the future. I believe having a good relationship with your students makes them want to learn and listen to what you have to say. Another reason for me wanting to be a teacher is I like to help people out. I worked at my great grandmother’s nursing home as a volunteer for 5 years. I like to help people out, and in this case as a teacher, kids. The best feeling I think there is in life is self-gratification. I really can’t think of many other jobs that would give you so much as teaching would.

2. What new understandings and/or different perceptions do you have about teaching as a result of your experiences in this class(readings,discussions,assignments,speakers,observations)? Be specific and thorough about your reasons.

I have gained many new understandings and perceptions about teachings throughout this class. I gained much knowledge about everything with concern about teaching through the text and the tests. I learned that I favor the progressivism style of teaching. I learned through myself that I favor education to be child-centered and to make them think more. I believe in more thought provoking exercises than just dittos and memorization tests. When I become a teacher I want to challenge my kids to make them think, I don’t want to them to do exercises where they just copy things out of their textbooks and hand it in to me. I also learned this semester throughout this class that teaching is a lot of work, more than I thought I think, but I’m MORE than ready for the challenge. I think the video about learning disabled children gave me a whole new understanding about children with disabilities and how they do think and how they have problems understanding. I believe that video helped me out a lot to understand more and prepare me more to be a better teacher down the road. Finally, my observations also made me grow more because I was seeing a high school classroom for the first time not as a student. It gave me a whole different prospective, and I believe it helped me out a lot to see it that way.

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