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Child Development Essay, Research Paper

The Infant/Toddler program at Citrus College is a Community base program and follows Title 5 regulations. The philosophy of the Infant/Toddler program follows the teachings of Magda Gerber who taught to respect everything the child does and most of their philosophy comes from the WestEd training. The program at Citrus College believes in respect, observation, individuality, and the importance of family.

The staffing in the Infant/Toddler program at Citrus College also follows Title 5 regulations but is usually better because there is no real limit on the number of hours that the teachers can work. The staff evaluations are done once a year for old employees and the third, sixth, and ninth month for new employees. All of the teachers are encouraged to attend conferences and workshops to continue learning.

The parents are provided with a handbook and there is also a single parent newsletter and a parent newsletter. Teachers also do weekly highlights sheets for parents. Parents are also required to attend weekly parent education classes and enroll in a lab class.

The environment at Citrus College is set up by Louis Torelli and the classroom changes throughout the day to offer new choices.

The Infant/Toddler program at Citrus College is designed to be a support for parents who are trying to further their education and need a place where their children can be safe, learn, and develop relationships with others that will be the foundations for later relationships. The teachers at the Citrus College Child Development Center are required to take classes and have units in child development so their education helps to provide a developmentally appropriate and high quality program for all children.

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