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Puerto Rico Essay, Research Paper


Puerto Rico, many good things come from there. Beautiful beaches, beautiful women, and a beautiful culture. However, one thing that does not come from Puerto Rico is money, tax dollars to be exact. Why is it that the United States sends millions of dollars in financial aid to Puerto Rico and nothing comes back? The Puerto Ricans are a commonwealth, not a state, that’s why.

Fifty years ago a commonwealth was more of a protected country rather than a state. Today, however, a commonwealth is equivalent to a leech, a moocher. Puerto Rico basically rules itself, it has its own form of government, and it has its own industry, soo why does it need the United States? Puerto Rico needs the United States because the United States equals free money. The US ships millions of dollars in aid to Puerto Rico with nothing coming back in return. Why is that? It’s because technically, a commonwealth has the same basic rights as a state. There are a few exceptions though. First, it’s citizens are not true citizens of the United States. Second, it’s citizens cannot vote in American national elections. (However, this is not a real problem because the Puerto Ricans can vote in their own elections and the US legislature does not have a huge amount of effect on Puerto Rico.) The pluses to being a commonwelath of the United States of America are numerous. The largest is that the Puerto Ricans receive all the same aid as any other United States citizen. They can receive welfare, Medicare, and everything other federal aid program without having to pay taxes. What kind of deal is that? They get everything for nothing? That’s is definitely not a good deal. Has anything ever been done to change it? As a matter of fact, every certain number of years, The Puerto Rican pubic votes on whether or not it wants to accept the United States’ offer of citizenship, and what do you think they do? It’s a no-brainer. They, just like anyone else in the world, votes down statehood each and every time the vote comes up. After all, if I could get free money and not have to do anything in return, I would not jeopardize it either.

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