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Inherit The Wind Essay, Research Paper

In our Consititution, citizens have many righhts, but do we have the right to think? In the play Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence adn Robert Lee, a man is on trial for teaching his students about the theory of evolution. Drummond, the lawyer for this man, said “With all respect to the bench, I hold that the right to think is very much on trial.”

In the small town of Hillsborough most people are religious and take the Bible literally. THey fail to think for themselves and they take the Bible seriously. They live their lives by a book that they don’t ever question. Bert Cates, the man on trial, is accused of teaching his students that there are other books besides the Bible. Drummond is trying to make the jury see that the Bible is not always the only truth and that other theries have truth also.

Charles Darwin wrote a different book about the creation of man. In his book he said, that over millions of years humans have evolved from other cratures. This theory goes against the teachings of the Bible. Drummond does not try to convince the jury that Darwin is right and the Bible is wrong; he wants them to see we have the right to think for ourselves.

This case has changed the course of history by eventually changing this law. Drummond was not an atheist; he wanted to protect Darwin’s theory or anyone else’s idea. We have the right to think, make theories and come to our own conclusions.

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