Реферат: The Computer Market And Retailers A Saturated

The Computer Market And Retailers: A Saturated Market Essay, Research Paper

The Computer Market and Retailers: A Saturated Market

Computer dealers are crowding shopping districts, and some analysts think the

market is becoming saturated. In Connecticut alone, the two major shopping

districts, Buckland and the Berlin Turnpike, for instance, shoppers can compare

equipment and costs at Nobody Beats the Wiz, Lechmere, Circut City, Staples, and

Office Max – all within minutes in one another.

Yet, computer retailers insist that there has been a need for more stores —

specifically their own – citing a nearly constant updating of equipment

and a growing emphasis on service. They also believe revenue potential remains

because computers are constanly changing and more people are becoming curious

about the Internet.

Still, many worry the market potential might be waning. Analysts believe the

market is very close to being saturated, if not already there. there are only

so many computers a person will buy, and only so many stores will a customer


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