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Savannah My Favorite Vacatoin Spot Essay, Research Paper

email: philly6060@aol.comtitle: Savannah My Favorite Vacatoin SpotI went to Savannah for my senior class trip. Savannah is one of the nicest places in Georgia to go for a vacation. All of the attractions that most tourists look for, can be found in Savannah. It is famous for its historical sections and monuments, waterways, and entertainment. The weather is also very good for vacationing during the year. It is an ideal place for tourists to visit any time of the year. I visited some of the main tourist attractions: the historical sections and monuments were my favorite. River Street, famous for its historical buildings, is a main attraction in Savannah. It is away from downtown; therefore, I did not have to worry about the traffic, and it is very peaceful there. The old houses and churches, built in the 1800’s, are major attractions to this area. The roads along River Street are not made of the same materials that the roads are made of today; they are made of cobblestone. Another attraction is the horses and carriages that carry people to where they want to go, reminding tourists of how travel has changed in the past century. Fort Pulaski is also a very important historical section of Savannah. The fort was used in the civil war. There are daily tours that are offered to tourists of the Indian mounds. One of the main reasons tourists come is to see the fort is the re-enactment of the actual events that happened during the war. In my time there I found Savannah is very famous for its waterways, especially the islands that are on the ocean. It lies along the Atlantic Ocean and imports and exports all types of goods. The islands attract many people every year, either for festivals, or just to relax in one of the condominiums along the island. The islands were an ideal place for us to vacation during the summer. The large condominiums along the island, which can be purchased at a relatively low price, gave us the sense of being home. The stores along the island made it easier for us to get items that we needed, whether it was food or whatever. There are also daily tours of the ships that travel along the islands and the ocean. Hundreds of thousands of people who are interested in ships and how they operate come to the island every year for a tour.

Entertainment is also an attraction that brings many people to Savannah. The clubs, festivals, and parties during the special holidays attract many people. There were many sporting events in Savannah that attracts dozens of people. The Saint Patrick’s Day Festival on the island brings many people to Savannah. This event only occurs once a year; so if one misses it, it is an occasion that one would want to attend some time in ones life. If one is not the party type, there is also entertainment for the calm, tranquil person. Fishing is a sport that a lot of my friends loved. It is always a way of relaxing your mind and body. It attracts many people to Savannah to relax from a hard year’s work or just to spend some quality time with the family. Golfing is also a sport that is famous in Savannah. Every summer, Savannah hosts the PGA Tour. This tour is a famous golf tournament that is held every year in Savannah. Many golfers and spectators come to Savannah to participate and watch the tournament because of Savannah’s great weather. The weather in Savannah was very nice. The sunny, clear skies made it an ideal place for us during the summer. Due to the currents from the ocean, Savannah has very comfortable weather year round. In the spring, the weather is a little cooler but very comfortable. In the winter, the temperatures very seldom or never get below freezing. During the fall, the trees are very beautiful, and it is very pleasant. This made me want to come to back to Savannah again.

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