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Cell Reproduction Essay, Research Paper

Bio bugs

The bio bugs were a great example of cell reproduction and heredity. In this essay I will discuss all the concepts of cell reproduction and heredity as they apply to the bio bugs.

The parent bio bugs had four gametes. These gametes showed the same traits as their parents, which is an example of heredity. Heredity is the passing of traits from parent to offspring. The hereditary information is carried on chromosomes. Chromosomes are rod shaped and are only visible when the cell is going to divide. The chromosomes are made of a long molecule of DNA covered with protein. Each of the parents traits are controlled by one or more segments of DNA called genes. How the offspring of the parent bio bugs receive their traits is through sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction is when two different cells combine to form a zygote. These special cells are called gametes which are produced by each parent. Male gametes are called sperm and female gametes are called eggs. When these gametes are being formed they are given a set of the parent chromosomes which would be joined with the other parents gamete, which is called fertilization. The gametes only have half the diploid number of chromosomes as the parents, which would be haploid Each gamete has 23 chromosomes which is half of the 46 which is in diploid cells. When the two gametes are joined there two different sets of chromosomes are brought together to form the zygote s own set of chromosomes which would express both the parents trait. Each zygote has its own genotype and phenotype. A genotype is the particular combination of genes an organism has. The zygote also has a phenotype which is the effect of the genes in the genotype.

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