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Service Quality Essay, Research Paper


WRT 101


April 20,1999


The word Quality has various meanings and is a broad topic for me to discuss.

The idea of quality is very complex to describe, as it deals with so many different

principles. Fortunately, I found that the most important concept of service quality is that

it makes a huge success in the spa and pool industry, which I am familiar, with as I

spent a few years in this business.

The most important concept is to be close to the customers. This means good

service and listening to what the customers have to say. Also the most important aspect of

all, is the customer’s expectation. They want to be serviced with dependably. The client

wants know that every time they choose a pool service, they will receive good quality

with excellent service. The majority also do not like change. They expect their pool and

spa serviced by the same person, the one who knows their specific situation. The use of

the same chemical products, for their pool, is paramount on most client’s mind. And if

the specific chemical, that was requested is unavailable ,one must acquire it for them, as

quickly as possible.

Reliability is the most important part of pool service quality.

If a pool service is not dependable, the customer may go elsewhere,thus possibly causing

the company to go out of business. A pool owner wants to know that they are being

served professionally and competently.They want to have their pool or spa serviced by

people who know water chemistry and are highly trained, such as a Certified Pool

Operator,with certificates and badges, that assure the customer they are receiving

competent service.

One judges the level of service, they receive, by physical evidence. Most of your

customers are not experts at water chemistry,construction, or any other aspects having to

do with pools and spas.They judge the service, they receive, by what they know and see.

Service companies that have visibility unmaintained service vehicles,with sloven looking

service personnel, generally exudes an unprofessional image, which communicates

cheapness. Therefore, these companies cannot charge high prices, regardless of how

good their service. In a customer’s mind, if one exudes cheapness, you must be cheap.

On the other hand, companies with clean, attractive trucks and professional-looking

employees, wearing C.P.O. (Certified Pool Operator)badges may generally charge higher

prices, regardless of the difference in the service, which may indeed be zero. That

innovation has been known for years.

People enjoy knowing that the person delivering the service understands and cares

about their situation, and will deliver personalized care and concern. Very often, people

in the pool and spa industry, condemn and cajole customers who take very bad care of

their pools. Instead of exclaiming, “You have tadpoles growing in your pool!”. State, “I

know how hard it is for a busy person like you to bring in a water sample, but don’t

worry, we will make it crystal clear for you.” Then smile, as you think about selling

$200 worth of chemicals- and be sure to give them a brochure on your company’s pool

refinishing services before they leave.

“Next day service policy” People want to be serviced very quickly. No one

wants to wait for service. I am acquainted with a pool builder who has had, and

continues to have major financial problems, because he does not return phone calls in a

timely fashion. I know personally of three bids he lost, simply because his former

customers told people that he will not return their phone calls. I assume he never sells

more than two pools in any neighborhood. There is simply no excuse for not getting

back to people in a timely manner, and if you cannot, explain to them the reason why.

This is how service quality is maintained in the pool business.

For anyone interested in the pool business, chances are these concepts are very

relevant to how customers evaluate and judge. Studies show that service is still critical to

any success. Remember,even if the product quality is low, customer satisfaction can be

recovered through great service.

In my mind, the most important aspect, and least understood part of the pool and

spa business, is construction. Because pools are seen more than they are used, I believe

aesthetics will have the greater determination of whether or not customers enjoy their


Thus, I believe delivering high quality pool service is what generates high levels

of satisfaction in consumers. The higher the quality produced, the higher the level of

satisfaction experienced, thus the higher success of the company.

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