Реферат: The Legalizeation Of Cannabis Essay Research Paper

The Legalizeation Of Cannabis Essay, Research Paper

The Legalizeation of Cannabis

Cannibis has been grown for years it was even grown by our very first

Presadent George Washington. Cannabis has the natural tendancy to make people

feel better by the chemical THC. Cannabis is also Known to make one of the

worlds stronest fibers.It also make 2/3 more paper than a regular tree.Also no

one has ever actually died from the cannabis it self.

If Cannabis is legalized then the drug traficing problem with be cut down a

great deal and billions of tax paiers money will be spent on somthing more

important. Death rate will also be cut down some. People just dont realize the

problems they are causing by keeping it illegalized so legalize it and remember

George Washington grew it.

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