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Right To Choose Or Fail Essay, Research Paper

Does a Student Have a Right to Choose to Fail?

In the Constitution of the Untied States of America, citizens are gauranteed a natural right. Natural Rights are those rights that a person is born with. These rights include the right to breathe, the right to eat and the right to choose. When we choose something, we make a decision based on past experiences or weighing out certain options one might have to face when making a decision. Students, for example, choose to pass a class. The choice of attending school is not a choice a student can make because of laws that our country lives by, but the right to pass is their choice. There are two types of schools a student can attend: private and public. In either case, the student has the option to pass or fail.

Private schools are privately funded by the Archdiosies, for example parent contribution or soley on the school founder themselves. These schools do not receive any public money. Public Money is any money from the government or local taxpayers. Since these schools do not receive government funding, students are not protected by governmemnt standards. If a student fails, they are simply removed from the school; nothing can be done. Parents must pay a certain amount of money in tuition every month in order for their child to attend this type of school. The parents and the student have made a choice to attend this certain school.

Public schools are the contrary of private schools. Public schools are funded by public money. A certain amount of money in tax dollars is distributed every year among all the schools. Students in public schools attend school because their parents may not be able to afford a private education or the school is relativily closer to their house. These students can pass or fail however many times they want, it does not matter because they will not be removed from the school.

For a student to choose whether to pass or fail a class returns to the issue of how much the parent is involved in that student s life. If a parent constantly encourages their child by rewarding them and praising them, these methods make the child to want to continue to learn. These are the students who will look at school as an opportunity in life. They succeed and always maintain a positive attitude towards everything they do. If a parent tells their child only negative comments and tells them that they will never succeed, that student will find school to be something they have to do because the law says so. Most of these students have a negative attitude towards everything and do not succeed.

Many studies have been done on how the encouragement of family and friends helps a person succeed. From birth, positive encouragement and a positive environment helps a person make positive decisions. Parents set standards for their children without really noticing that they do it. By telling a student that they are successful, this leads the child to want to continue to live to that expectation. This also happens when the parent tells the student that they will never succeed. The student wants to continue to live to that expectation because they feel that nothing else is really important. It is not only the parents that lead to this decision of choosing whether to pass or fail, but it is also the teacher. If a teacher does not want to encourage learning, the child will not find the reason to learn and therefore will choose to not pay attention and fail in class.

Every child has the right to choose, but the parent and teacher also has an active part in this decision. If the environment the child is growing up in is a positive one, the child will want to continue to learn and succeed. If the environment is a negative one, the child will not want to learn and therefore will choose to fail. Every child has a choice. The way they make that choice is based on what they see around them.

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