Реферат: War Engenders Many Journeys In Life Essay

War Engenders Many Journeys In Life Essay, Research Paper

War is any active hostility, contention, or struggle. Throughout our lives we wage a constant mental war. This spiritual war is a languid process that shapes our lives and engenders many journeys in life. Conflict arises within our vibrant minds through decisions and emotions that we make from a day to day basis. This battlefield promotes failure and success.

Decisions make up the main bulk of our inner conflict. In making a decision, two possible situations come to mind–one can either do this or that. The decisions can either be one of great complexity or a fairly simple one. An example of a complex decision can be the choice to take or refuse drugs if asked by a peer to use them. By refusing to take the drugs it shows self-confidence and strong character. A simple decision can be thinking of what to have for lunch. Complex or simple, regret accompanies the wrong choice. One fine example from the novel A Separate Peace comes when Gene made the decision to jounce the limb and make Finny fall from the tree. This, in the end, caused much of Gene s regret and ignorance because it finished Finny s athletic career and later causes Finny to die. Another decision in the novel came when Finny forgave Gene. Even though Gene ruined Finny s life, Finny made the hard choice to forgive and forget what Gene had done.

The human mind is a cave swarming with a multifarious amount of emotions, from love to misery. Of all the emotions, misery becomes the greatest battle we wage in our war. We are most vulnerable to misery and depression. In one point in time we will come up against misery. Learning to cope with misery becomes one of the hardest stages in life. Misery is a hole that we must learn to climb out of. By continuing to remain miserable only digs this hole deeper and deeper until we are unable to get out. For example, in A Separate Peace, Finny dealt with his misery of a broken leg and no sports, by telling Gene to play sports for him. Another major fight going through our mind is against jealousy. Jealousy, no matter the amount, makes up the minds insidious side. The side that drives us to hurt others, like when Gene s jealousy drove him to cause Finny fall off the tree. If Gene had controlled his jealousy, Finny would not have ever fallen and broken his leg.

The spiritual war we wage on our mental battlefield is at a constant. It began when we were born and only ends when we come to an end. To let our guard means that we lose the war and become a failure. To continue to fight and wanting to win will guarantee success. This war not only engenders many journeys in life but also is a prodigious journey itself.

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