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The Problem With Education Essay, Research Paper

The purpose of education is to spread knowledge to the younger generation. Without education, tradition is lost, as well as the potential of youth. For centuries, the old have taught the young. They have passed the torch of knowledge from one hand to another. Whether it was a master teaching an apprentice, or a teacher teaching a class, the tradition of teaching has been in practice since the beginning of man. Without a mentor for a child to learn from, the child will never find the truth behind the mysteries of life. The child needs to be trained to succeed and even better, reach self-fulfillment. That is why the teacher must be of the highest quality. The student will take after the teacher, not only in knowledge, but also in style and example. If the teacher has a flaw, the child will accept that flaw as his or her own. There is a special bond between the teacher and the student. The teacher must be prepared to take on the student as more than a student, but as a friend. Those, whose intelligence surpasses other’s, should be given a challenge in every circumstance available. Harder work should be provided, but not demanded. Although, those with the skills to complete such work, should not let their minds go to waste. They should harness their brain’s power to be as successful as possible.

A person with college education and gained analyzing skills and deep knowledge field of studies, not only the person will be qualified and prepared for the job advertised from that company; but will also have potential to excel faster and have high salaries. College education is a very important central in everyday life. It plants the fundamentals for confronting problems and obstacles found in part of life, and being able to solve them with ease and accuracy. It gives a wide opportunity and potential in apply for higher profile jobs with good pay. It gives a person confidence in understanding life and the environment. A person with a college education will be successful in life because he understands it and knows it.

An ideal system of education requires distinct characteristics. Our education system today is not quite perfect. All education institutions share a common goal. The goal is for all the students to gain knowledge that they didn’t have before in order to compete in the real world. The majority of people believe that getting knowledge is “obtaining education.” There is more to the concept that “students are depositories” and the “teachers are the depositor.”( Paule Friere ) The success of the students is directly connected to the environment he is surrounded. A perfect education system has to start with a comfortable environment. The teacher also has to be knowledgeable and not believe in the myth that “teachers justifies their own existence through their students ignorance absolute.”(Paule Friere) A perfect institution of education should be able to accommodate cultural change, diversity, have a strict curriculum with alternative teaching strategies, and promotes interaction among their peers. In a perfect educational system, interaction among students will greatly be encouraged. And there are many elements that need drastic change so that this educational system may be more refined and more productive.

Teachers are a very important element in successfully transferring knowledge from the teacher to the pupil. In this institution, teachers are not allowed to believe that they are superior to the students. When this occurs, and the inequality sets in, the student will be hesitant to ask questions about subjects they don’t understand. When a student does this, he is unintentionally hurting himself. He will not have gain and understand the true meaning of what is being taught by the teacher because he is more focused on the educational gap between the student and teacher. The student needs to able to question everything that is being taught. By using the Socratic method, students will understand topics rather than believing what other people are saying. There needs to be a respectful relationship between the student and teacher. The student respects the teacher and the teacher respects the student equally. This relationship between student and teacher is very important journey of obtaining knowledge. There should be no other kinds of relationship. The only acceptable form is through the connection that they both share as being teacher and being student. Next, the teacher need to responsible for the materials they are covering. They need to be fluent or else the student will have doubts about the material and ultimately the teacher. The more secure the teacher is with his material the more the student will trust the material and the teacher. If a teacher is not confident and prepared, there will be doubts that will be raised in the minds of the student. More importantly, the teacher will need to care about the student and guide them towards their goal. All teachers need to know when to step aside so that the student can make progress and help the student up when he fails. The most beneficial qualities of an excellent teacher are the ability to care for the student and the encouragement teachers provide for the students. Teachers are just an extension of parents; caring and encouragement are two characteristics of parents.

The next important element in a perfect educational institution, is the curriculum. There needs to be a flexible curriculum that accommodates all the different intellectual abilities of all the students. Not all the students will have the same learning capabilities. Some students may have a learning disability and others may be genuinely intelligent. The curriculum is strict but still is flexible enough to accommodate each individual student. The actual courses need to be comprehensive. The subjects being studied needs to be updated constantly by the teachers. A perfect institution will have all area of studies accessible to the students. Any particular major or subject will be left to the students to decide. When they do decide what they want to study, there will be the necessary courses to cover that major. In order for a student to pass a course, he needs to be able to teach the information he learned in that course. This teaching method is very important. If a student is able to teach something then that student truly understands it. This method of testing the knowledge of the student should be the final examination for every course. This method is more valid than the constant “question and answer” method being used today, which promotes temporarily memorization.

The next ingredient in a perfect institution is the actual environment itself. Their surrounding influences many people. An intellectual community needs to look like an intellectual community. It will be located in an area, which is safe. The students need to feel comfortable. A comfortable learning environment leads to the success of the students. There should be no distractions that will keep the student from learning. With all of these characteristics, the student’s should be able to concentrate on obtaining their education.

Though the task of creating and maintaining a perfect institution is a difficult task, it can be created. People need to come together with this structure and guideline in mind. The educated ones need to continue to educate others. This realization is extremely important to future students. Educated people need to think of the future and society as a whole. They need to help educate others, just as others, educated them. If all of these characteristics are met in an institution, then that institution can be labeled, “perfect


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