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Beowulf and His Great Qualities

The story of Beowulf describes a man who has many great qualities. He is known as a true hero, having risked his own life to save those in danger. He has superior physical strength and is highly moral. However, at times, he is a bit foolish.

Beowulf is determined to save the townspeople from the evil monster, Grendel. Although he chooses the best warriors he can find, Beowulf is forced to fight the battle with Grendel alone. Beowulf battles the horrible and terrifying killer of men until he can not take anymore. The bold hero defeats the monster and is soon admired by all.

Beowulf possesses supreme, heroic characteristics and is the strongest of the in the world. He is brave, adventurous and is ready anytime he is needed. Beowulf refuses to back down in the face of danger.

Though beowulf is extremely heroic, he does have a slight charater flaw. He is, at times, greedy and boastful. Seeking money and riches, Beowulf goes to battle with a fire-breathing dragon. He is confident that he can win by using his great strength, but in the end, he dies a horrible death.

This goes to show that even the greatest heroes have their flaws, and those flaws can cause them their lives.

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