Реферат: Senior Citizens Safe Drivers Or Roadway Hazards

Senior Citizens: Safe Drivers Or Roadway Hazards Essay, Research Paper

Senior Citizens: Safe Drivers or Roadway Hazards

Driving is a simple task that many of us perform on a day to day basis. Most people are safe drivers, while a few are incapable of driving safely. Safe and capable is how most senior citizens can be viewed, however, there are some exceptions. A simple retesting of the senior citizens would make the roads more safe. Senior citizens’ sixty-five and over should be allowed to drive only if they can pass a second driving test.

Testing of the senior citizens for the simple everyday task of driving would be considered stereotypical. Requiring senior citizens to retest would imply that they are incapable and inadequate just because of their age. Nevertheless, these tests would make other drivers feel more secure. Other drivers would feel more secure with the knowledge that senior citizens have been tested for their driving capabilities. Many of us often doubt not only their knowledge of the road, but their physical capabilities. Once all senior citizens are tested, other drivers will be assured that the seniors are safe and capable of all roadway operations.

Young and old, most people are afraid of tests of all kinds. Because of their fear of tests, many senior citizens may choose not to retest The licence is a very vital part of some senior’s lives because it gives them independence. Though this test may take away some licences, it is not an attack on the seniors of our society. It is a known fact that in elders eye and hand coordination deteriorates. Moreover, hearing and memory becomes hampered in senior citizens. Because of the natural process known as aging, eventually all of us will be senior citizens with these same physical problems. Bad hearing is very dangerous on the roadway. Consequently, one cannot hear sirens, horns, or other warnings. Memory loss is a problem confronted by young and old alike, however, it is more prominent in senior citizens. Therefore, senior citizens may have forgotten vital information about driving. Alzheimer’s disease, which is a memory loss disease, affects many senior citizens and is an ongoing problem. By retesting driving skills, the senior citizens can be assured that their memory is intact. If in fact a senior citizen’s memory has deteriorated, he or she can get the help that they need. Again to repeat, to retest is not to restrict senior citizens from driving, but it is just a safety precaution.

One of the more serious concerns, hampered vision, prevails in many senior citizens. Without correct vision a driver endangers not only their own life, but the lives of other pedestrians and drivers. Cataracts, which prevail in many senior citizens can be a very dangerous medical condition. Therefore, the vision of many senior citizens on the road may be deteriorating, and they may not be aware of their problem. A task for younger drivers, night driving may be nearly impossible for elderly people with vision problems. New restrictions may apply to those who cannot drive safely at night. These serious physical conditions could lead to many accidents resulting in death.

Most important of all, review courses in driving are an excellent opportunities for all drivers young and old. Since senior citizens received their licences many years ago, they may have forgotten some rules of the road. Roadway laws have changed greatly in the past years, and retesting will bring all senior citizens up to date with the current laws. The retesting program can also help be extended to other age groups and people who have been inactive on the road. Retesting will prove to be an efficient and effective way to reduce accidents on the road.

Clearly, retesting senior citizens 65 and over would make the roads safer and would reduce the number of roadway accidents. Drivers who are incapable of driving safely would have their licences taken away. Most senior citizens are safe drivers and pose no threat to the safety of others, but a few do pose a serious threat. These are the people that retesting is designed to restrict. The retest is not to hamper the independence of senior citizens, but is just a safety precaution.

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