Реферат: Senior Citizen Driving Essay Research Paper A

Senior Citizen Driving Essay, Research Paper

A. Introduction

One day, not long ago…I came out of my house to leave for work. On

the way to my car I noticed the little old lady across the street walking to here

car with what appeared to be a phone book. To my surprise she laid the

phone book down onto the seat and proceeded to climb in…I then decided to

watch this rare occasion, since she only drives once a month or so. Well after

a few minutes, she finally got her giant Cadilac started and began to back out

of her drive way. She was backing up with one wheel one the drive way and

one on the grass….I felt this was a little humorous, and decided to watch her

drive down the street. She cruised down the street at a top speed of 5 mph!

After watching this I decided to go back into my house for a few more

minutes just to be sure she was out of the area.


Senior citizen are unsafe drivers, cause a threat to themselves and

others, and should be required to complete a series of tests.

B. Body

A. Collision rates for both sexes decline until about the age of 70, and

then sharply increase.

B. The increase in at-fault fatal accidents becomes particularly

dramatic at age 80+.

C. The most prevalent time period for fatal accidents involving older

drivers is between noon and 6 p.m.

D. Malfetti and Winter (1990) proposed guidelines for a graded

license for selected elderly drivers that would be similar to a restricted

license, and be adapted to the driver?s mode of living, driving needs, and

ability. The graded license would allow impaired elders to operate a moving

vehicle only under conditions that would not exceed their ability.

C. Surveys

A. 100% of this class said that they felt measures should be taken to

ensure everyone?s safety, by requiring mandatory driving tests for senior


B. Over 90% of the group surveyed felt as though these new guide

lines would increase the public?s safety on the roads.

C. 87% of the class felt as though these new laws would not affect the

Discrimination laws.

D. Conclusion

As one person stated in my survey? Old people are a menace on the

streets. Mandatory driving tests should be given to every one over 65 years

of age. This statement may be a bit rash, but something needs to be done


to ensure everyone?s safety.

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